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Vaccination Status
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  • Partly Vaccinated
  • Vaccine Scheduled
  • Eligible but not Scheduled
  • Not Yet Eligible
  • Can’t/Won’t be Vaccinated
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Now that vaccine supplies are opening up, I thought it would interesting to get a snapshot of how far along doperdom is in getting vaccinated. I tried to make options to cover everyone, hopefully I succeeded.

A timely poll! Got my first shot of Moderna an hour ago.

I got my first shot of BionTech/Pfizer last Thursday. The second shot is scheduled for May 11th. No remarkable side effects, just a bit swollen injection point and mild fatigue on the first day.

Yesterday, I was two weeks past my second Moderna dose, so I can go back to kissing strangers, licking subway poles, and so on. Most of my immediate family is also at least partially vaccinated.

I finally made it through to book an appointment about 20 min ago. I’m driving across the state but I’m getting J&J so I only have to do it once.

Getting J&J tomorrow. I’m not technically eligible, but they didn’t seem to care (didn’t ask on the website).

Getting my J&J shot tomorrow. I’m one of the last ones in my family to get vaccinated.

Next you’ll be eating a cookie off the floor.

OK, but not off the subway floor.

Just got Moderna dose #1.

first pfizer dose 24 hours ago

I eat stuff off the floor all the time. In fact that’s how I get some of my best treats. You don’t even want to know some of the stuff I eat out in the back yard. But I have amazing canine genes.

First dose of Pfizer/BioNTech about 36 hours ago. Only unusual side effect was a very brief feeling of light-headedness and mild nausea about 12 hours after the shot. My appointment was for 12:24, arrived at about 11:55 and was ushered into the line immediately, was out by 12:30. This was at the Toronto Metro Convention Center, which is about a 20 minute drive from home.

I asked one of the paramedics standing outside as I was leaving if he’d validate my parking ticket. He offered to sign it but didn’t promise it would help. I was pleasantly surprised to see that one of the exit lanes from the underground parking was marked for vaccine recipients, so the parking was free. They had also marked off about half of the highest level of the lot for vaccine appointments and had staff and signs all the way from the entrance. I have to give credit to whoever was in charge of organizing all that.

I’ve always felt the 5 second rule was more of a helpful suggestion…

In my capacity as a dog – or at least a sort of honorary one – I can’t tell time, so it’s all good. :slight_smile:

I haven’t actively sought the vaccine out, as I’m not in a high risk group, when I go for my annual physical that got pushed back by a year because of the pandemic, if they offer it to me I’ll probably get it, I’m not personally fearful of the virus I’ve been directly exposed to family members that tested positive.

Well, I have to say that you’ve chosen the right user name.

Next week I will get my second Pfizer dose!

I got my second Pfizer on Feb 20. Spousal unit got the J&J on Mar 19. So we’re both good.

I’m getting sustenance in a little restaurant with a giant egg on the roof, on my way to get shot #2.

Six more days to go for me!

How shall I celebrate? Let me count the ways.

First thing, I’m going to get my shaggy locks shorn, for the first time in a year. (What’s this? This here spell-checker doesn’t recognize “shorn”?) Next, I think I’ll visit all my favorite fast-food restaurants (of which there are only three), which I likewise haven’t done for a year.

I’ve collected several masks over the past year. Maybe I’ll burn all but one of them.

How is everyone else here going to celebrate their new-found immunity?