Flu vaccines

Not sure how to present this, given the heated debates about COVID vaccines.
I just wanted to remind folks about getting your flu shot, soon. The most effective dates are now until late October. Most places giving them (US/Canada) will be at no cost to you or your loved ones. We all (most) have seen how masks, distancing, and hygiene has been effective, not only on reducing COVID transmission, but Influenza and even the common cold.
I checked the current available vaccines for this “season” which is US centric because I reside here. Britain, EU, others may differ. Anyway I offer one a certain medical geek with this link.

I’m scheduled for my flu vax Friday.

Awesome! mine is tomorrow. My PCP got annoyed when I asked if will be Flucelvax Quadrivalent or something other. Yeah, I probably sounded like a smart-ass.

I have to get my shingles follow-up next week and I’m going to ask for the flu vax at the same time. Should be an interesting evening.

I’m due next week, as are the whole family. I had my pneumonia vaccine a couple of years back as well so I’m pretty well covered.

We don’t usually see flu shots here until October. At some point I need to see my GP and talk about Shingles and Pneumonia vaccines too.

They are available here (west coast Michigan) at CVS and the local hospital.

They’re available here now, but my employer is offering an on-site clinic in a couple of weeks, so I’ll probably get it then.

How did they decide which strains to include this year? As I understand it, they usually pick the strains that were most common in the opposite hemisphere’s most recent flu season, but the Southern Hemisphere’s most recent flu season was nearly nonexistent.

I have a doctors appointment tomorrow for something else, but hopefully they’ll offer that or my booster. I’m not sure if I should do both at one time.

Oh I just noticed they want me to get a pneumonia shot. I doubt I could do all three at once. But I guess I’ll find out tomorrow.

I’m scheduled for next Wednesday, Flu and first Shingles Vaccine.

I think all American flu vax are quadrivalent this year and last year. And I think that the strains are standardized by the FDA, so all 9 companies are equivalent in that respect.

Also, I think that the strains are standardized in ??? March ???, before the Southern Hemisphere winter season, so even if there had been a SHWS this year, it wouldn’t have had any influence on your flu vax.

(welcome to contradict me if I’ve got any of that wrong).