When should I get my flu shot?

I could go get one tomorrow. Is the any reason to wait?

I know you’re not a doctor. I’ve already made the decision to get a flu shot but September seems really early.

I just heard somewhere that the earlier the better this year. It prompted me to check into when I can get mine through Kaiser and they aren’t available until the 21st.

I asked my doctor a month ago because I’d heard we should get flu shots early this year. He recommended late September and said that IS early. TOO early means risking the effectiveness will be diminished before flu season is over.

I got mine at the beginning of last week.

I’ve never had a bad reaction to a flu shot, but I may be traveling in a couple of weeks and I wanted to get it done just in case I did have a reaction, and also so it would be effective by then.

Also because I could get it done exactly when I wanted to. I don’t want to try to go get it when everybody else is also deciding it’s the right time.

You can’t know the exact length of its effectiveness nor the length of flu season. So I don’t care if it’s a little “early.”

When I used to get it at work, it was usually right around Oct 1.

I got mine 3 weeks ago. Somewhere I read about public health authorities saying to get an early one, end of August, and then another 5-6 months later in mid Feb.

No reason to wait. I got mine weeks ago.

I’ve been told Oct 1 for optimum effectiveness to match the immunity period and the peak flu season.

Ontario usually starts distributing the vaccine to doctors and pharmacies the 3rd or 4th week of September.

I just got mine at Kaiser yesterday.

I had my annual physical this past week. My doctor gave it to me on the spot.

CVS let us schedule it. We went in, they took out the shots(four in my family) and we got them.

Quickest I’ve gotten them.

Hmm, I’ll have to check again. I’m in the Sacramento area. Not sure if that matters.

The District is offering them free, again. Scheduled for the first week of October, I hear.

I got mine last week. I didn’t realize it wasn’t the right time. Seems odd that they’d wear off before the end of the flu season.

I’d like to know if this is actually true, though. September is generally the month when a big push to get people to get the shot happens, and it’d be odd if that led to it wearing off before the end of the season.

I got mine on Thursday, ftr.

We usually get ours in mid- or late October, but our doctor wants us to get one this year as soon as possible. I asked her about the possibility of the shot wearing off before flu season ends, and her response was that we could always get another shot in February. (I’m not sure if our insurance will pay for a second shot, but will cross that bridge later.)

She said we really don’t want to get the flu this year.

We therefore have an appointment for next Saturday to get our flu shots.

I’m happy to see this thread. Been wondering myself about whether one can get the shot too early. It never occurred to me to get a second one next year. And I too don’t know if insurance will cover a second one. I have Medicare and Blue Cross so maybe I’ll be covered one way or t’other. (“Can’t be THAT expensive, can it?” he said naively.)

I’ll get a shot this week somewhere.

I always got my flu shot at work, usually in mid-September. Now that I’m retired, I’m on my own. I really don’t want to go to Kroger or Walgreens so I’m looking at a place called The Shot Nurse. This is their fee schedule:

Of course, Medicare will cover the cost. I’ve read that the senior flu shot is more powerful but since I’m just barely :grinning: a senior, I’m kind of leery of that. I’ve never had the mist but given my phobia of needles, this could be something I’ll consider.

In the past some years the Flu Mist has turned out to be less effective. This not the year for a near-senior to risk less protection. Let the nurse know that needles are a problem for you-s/he will know how to make it as easy for you as possible. The Flu Mist Is not as pleasant to get as is promoted. Nurses have to get a fair amount waaaayy high into your nostrils.

Go for the high dose senior when you get it. Again, not the year to try to beat the odds.

Speaking as a senior and a nurse who gave thousands of flu shots every season at flu clinics (the National Guard always needed the lollipops the most-I always brought a big bag-figures since they have to get so many shots), I’m getting myself the high dose shot this week. I never could tell the difference between ‘regular’ flu shots and the high dose ones. Equally easy to tolerate.

I was just looking at the site and Flu Mist is only given up to age 49.

It’s not the shot itself that bothers me, it’s seeing needles. (Which makes watching the news especially hard these days.) When we got them at work, the nurses would set up in a big conference room and people would go through all day to get theirs. I would always wait until the last minute and when I came in, the nurses would say “here comes aurora, hide the needles”. I would sit down, close my eyes and the shot itself was fine. I always tell medical people, before the needles come out, that I don’t want to see it. Weird phobia I know, made even weirder by the fact that I got allergy shots for my entire childhood and it never bothered me.

As I said, I’ve done thousands. As long as you tell us, we will do anything to make it so you can get the shot as fright free as possible. Just let them know right off the bat (and keep your eyes closed-ask the nurse to either tell or not tell you before the poke, which ever works best for you). I have done it both ways.

BTW, it’s not a weird phobia at all, it’s quite common, 1 or 2 people out of ten isn’t unusual-you just don’t see them getting theirs.