Vaccination Status Poll

I’m fully vaccinated. Yay for me!

Today was my Two Weeks After Second Pfizer Day.

I went and did errands, with a mask, as usual (I’ve been doing errands about every three weeks, and I had library books due today; they reopened the library a while ago.) The only thing I did differently while shopping, other than worry less, was after waiting a couple of minutes walk past and close to the (also masked) people carrying on a conversation in the store entryway, instead of after waiting those same couple of minutes starting to say ‘Excuse me!’

When I got home, I put away my purchases. I just put them away. I didn’t put anything aside to age for a day or three before further handling. I didn’t spray the doorknobs, or anything else, with alcohol. I just put things away. Ditto the mail.

Yeehah! I am so wild and reckless!

I am contemplating the possibility, sometime in the next couple of days, of hugging somebody who is not a cat (but who is also fully vaccinated.)

In our family, we’ve begun referring to this as “two plus two”. Only two haven’t reached this milestone. My frail, 86-yr-old father, and my globe-hopping, cargo pilot son. The two who most need it, but are denied due to incompetent state officials and incomprehensible classifications of “essential” workers.

I’ve been there for a while, but the only change is allowing myself more camping trips to sparsely populated areas. I was avoiding that for fear of needing to claim one of the few hospital beds in those areas.

Well, I’ve already eaten takeout hot food without reheating it, 2 weeks after my first dose. After I’m fully vaccinated, I plan to order some sushi. :slight_smile:

I also have plans to visit some friends, in a masked, distanced way, but closer than I was comfortable doing two weeks ago.

You can move me from “scheduled” to Fully Vaccinated. Got my J&J shot yesterday.

My wife did too, so we’re both able to keep living under most of the same restrictions indefinitely (if I understand the CDC correctly). I’m not complaining, but it will be nice when they tell us this is “over.”

Partially vaccinated these last two and a bit months (per UK policy).

Twelve weeks is a long time.


That’s a thing people do? Huh, that’s a new one. At the very beginning I’d do the whole “leave packages outside for a few days and spray packaged food” thing (which I stopped doing end of summer. Ever since all I do is wash my hands immediately after coming home, opening packages or before eating.) but reheating hot takeout has never even occurred to me.

Fully vaccinated in that I got my one J&J shot, but I still have 6 more days til the two-week after period is up. Then I will be getting a haircut and flying to LA to see my (fully vaccinated) family and newborn nephew!

(Bold added.) This is the biggie. I’ll still be masking when I’m out and around people, and keeping my distance (which I’ve always done anyway, semi-hermit that I am). But I’ve been doing my own shopping all this time and other essential unavoidable errands. Now I’ll do more of stuff like that; take care of some medical needs that I’ve been putting off; get some car maintenance done; etc., and be much less worried about it.

Yeah. The downside is that I no longer have a great excuse to put off doctors’ appointments! need to get both my eyes and my teeth checked.

But when I take the van in next week for its pre-season inspection, I’m no longer going to wait outside if the weather’s bad; last time I had to bring a vehicle in they had two unmasked people in the little waiting room (they’d told the mechanics they couldn’t wear masks for medical reasons) and I saw a deliveryman go in unmasked (I don’t know what his excuse was, if any.) I waited outside. And it was cold out. Now if the weather’s nasty, I’ll keep my own mask on, but I’ll go in.

After trying to get appointments for three weeks since I was qualified, the day after I was finally notified, health care companies were falling over themselves to sign me up. I got my first shot on Apr 3 and the next one is scheduled for exactly 3 weeks later.

I get my second shot (of the Pfizer vaccine) this coming Wednesday. I’m being even more careful than I’ve been for the past year.

I really don’t want to get COVID before then. I mean, really. What a stupid way to go.

I guess you’re not all that concerned about passing the virus on to someone who is in a high-risk group?

Yeah. I never sprayed stuff, but i did leave most things to sit for a few days. But I’m not going to let takeout food sit around, nor am i going to spray it with toxins. So i looked up how much heat it takes to kill covid, and reheated it.

Will receive my second Moderna next Monday. Exactly 40 days after the first. Cutting it close but it’s being provided by my employer so gotta take it when I can get it. I already feel a bad reaction coming on so shall use one or two sick days. Maybe just one I hope.

Got my second Pfizer dose on Friday; surprisingly, I had no reaction other than a sore/stiff arm. I haven’t changed my habits very much – I don’t have plans to get my hair cut, I’m not eating in restaurants, and I don’t spend too long in stores. I’m very concerned that my workplace is going to call everyone back into the office now that people are getting vaccinated; I’m currently going into the office every other week, and during my weeks in the office I’m finding that I have next to no tolerance for the amount of noise. (Also, the focus on keeping the department’s drop box empty means that I rarely get much of my own work done when I go in.)

Today marks 2 weeks since I got my second Moderna shot so I’m fully vaccinated and it should be fully effective. Woot Woot!

Poll probably needs to be rerun every week.

[T -6 days for my second, Pfizer I believe]

You can change your answers as your vaccination progresses :slight_smile: . I don’t know if it is possible to lock Discourse polls to a single answer (it would be useful to have that capability), but it seems by default your responses are editable. I just changed mine from partially vaccinated to fully vaccinated.

I have no intention of being vaccinated until the safety history can be measured in years and not months.

Not worried about the safety of covid? Personally, long covid scares the shit out of me.