Share your Covidiot stories

Can’t speak for other states and professions, but my board does fast emergency license suspensions to protect the public.

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Co-worker is a borderline virus denier, he thinks it’s real but not the threat it’s made out to be. Co-worker’s wife has multiple medical issues. Over the holidays co-worker and wife had large family gathering with people flying in from other states. Guess who all has COVID now? Worst part is, co-worker’s wife was scheduled to have major, necessary, potentially life-saving surgery last week that’s now been postponed indefinitely. Hope Christmas was worth it…

Lots of people seem to have a need to touch a glowing stove before they’ll believe it’s hot.

Your cow-orker seems to be someone who believes it necessary to jump into a bubbling pool of lava before he’ll believe it’s hot.

One wonders how many of the other guests at the family gathering are also lava-touchers. If the wife is one, I don’t feel too bad for her.

But if she’s not a denier and was railroaded by family pressure into being exposed, well I hope the husband spends a couple of months hospitalized in abject misery while being told daily of another dead relative he caused. Followed by him going over too. I’m not a believer in afterlife, so it’s essential these people get their complete come-uppance in this one.

It’s not too different from firing a machine gun in a crowded mall*. The harm is palpably foreseeable.

* BTW, does anyone remember what a "crowded mall" is?

From what I know of his wife she’s a religious zealot who thought you could pray it away. I think most of the family is like that. Co-worker seems to be the most reasonable of the bunch which is frightening. Co-worker hasn’t had any symptoms and wife seems to be recovering but with her health issues who knows what could come up down the road.

I have long hoped for a disease that would specifically target the irrational. It appears my wish has been granted.

Unfortunately there are a lot of rational people who are collateral damage.

I don’t know which is worse, this or the “I have an immune system” idiots all over Twitter and comment sections. We all had immune systems, bud. How many bubble boys do you think there are??

Not even a little bondage can protect you from curfew fines in Quebec.

Probably her emotional support animal. Don’t take him on a plane!

So your wish just wasn’t specific enough.

Apparently not.

Reminds me of the story of the guy who asks the genie for a penis that hangs within a couple inches of the ground. Turns out the genie has a wicked sense of humor as he magically chops the guy’s legs off at mid-thigh. Oops.

The one I heard was the wish was to be made irresistible to women – he was made an infant.

A glowering infant.

I think I know a glowering infant. But not so irresistible to most women.

Well, you know, the praying it away worked so well for all her other ailments… it’s gotta work one of these days, right? :roll_eyes:

Today in a medical office I overheard a girl say, “Covid isn’t real because it’s not in the Bible. If it were real, it’d be stated in the Bible.” :frowning_face:

She must have skipped over all the parts with plagues. Exodus comes to mind.

Maybe we can convince her COVID is spread by locusts. Or frogs.

What we really have today is not a plague of COVID. It’s a plague of Stupidity of truly Biblical proportions. ISTM they left that out of the Bible too.

Wish you’d thought to ask her which passages talk about the Internet, cars, and the Kardashians.

Or electricity, for that matter. That’s my standard comeback for those who bray, “Evolution is just a theory.”

She should stick to oil lamps.

The classic response to “That’s just a theory.” is “Oh, just like the theory of gravity.” Unfortunately, the person making the original statement would probably not understand why it is called the theory of gravity.