Share your Covidiot stories

I just saw a 15 second video, which I won’t link to because I don’t want to amplify it, but it shows a woman who looks like she is standing on a shaking floor or something, trying to make it to her bed from the bathroom. The poster claims “This is what the vaccine has done to my mother!”

My usually level headed sister in law is sharing this stupid video on fb.


Not so! There was Samson.

ETA: What other diseases are mentioned in the Bible? There’s leprosy, senility, the plagues of Egypt – what else? Are polio, smallpox, multiple sclerosis mentioned anywhere?

Nitpick: nothing remotely contagious about multiple sclerosis. Did you mean meningitis?

Nobody said anything about contagious. (Did I miss something?) Just diseases that don’t exist because they aren’t in the Bible. Senility isn’t contagious either. (Or is it?)

No, but maybe I did.

The prior diseases in the sentence were polio and smallpox, which are notoriously contagious. I may have jumped to a conclusion. At least it wasn’t an assumption.

And no, senility isn’t contagious, although I was tempted to to say “yes, you catch it from your kids”.

Once you turn about 70, don’t let the kids come over; you’ll catch it every time. :wink:

Or tomatoes.

Or AIDS. HIV can’t exist because it’s not mentioned in the Bible, right?

Better yet, ask her how Americans can exist since they’re not in the Bible. Tell her that her simply being alive is therefore blasphemy. The only way to reconcile this dilemma is to simultaneously confess her sins and kill herself.

Not sure if this belongs in the workplace thread or the Covidiot thread…

I’ve just been informed that next week (when I’m in the office) I’m expected to join two managers in paying a visit to a local electric shop to find out if their equipment is suitable for our testing needs. The manager who has proposed this trip exposed four employees to Covid last year when he insisted on driving the whole group to lunch in his truck. :tired_face: I’m not pleased at all with the idea of visiting this shop in person (I’m of the opinion that if they can’t describe their testing setup either in an email or over the phone, it’s likely they won’t be able to meet our requirements), and given the general attitudes toward Covid where I work it’s very likely that tempers will flare when I refuse to get into a vehicle with other people.

Then don’t surprise them with that next week. Lay it out right now. They may well decide you don’t need to go.

Why not just tell them you’ll go separately? Or if you think that will be controversial, claim that you need to run a side errand on the way back.

The Mormons seem to have the explanation for this. (Native Americans are the ten lost tribes?)

Or you could tell her the bible is a collection of stories meant to to describe God’s vision. It’s not an encyclopedia.

Covid deniers storming hospitals in England and endangering patients and health care workers.

Nope. Jews from 600 BC.

Here’s one from

Just wanted to note that I saw, the other day, a really nice Spanish-language equivalent to the term “Covidiot.” According to Gustavo Arellano, it’s “Pandejo.” :smile:

This article includes several accounts of vicious maskholes.

“Pandejo” — that’s perfect! (“Pendejo” is a term somewhere between ‘jerk’ and ‘asshole’).