Share your Covidiot stories

JKellyMap, people like the ones described in that article infuriate me. Self-entitled pricks who think servers are there for their sexual gratification, using their monetary power to harass workers. Throwing temper tantrums in public to take out their frustrations on the unfortunate server. Now that I work in the service industry, I deal with maskholes all the time. It’s amazing how a little pandemic can show you who the assholes are.

This bolded part makes me mad:

The National Restaurant Association, the country’s largest food service trade association, said that the new legislation would pose “an impossible challenge for the restaurant industry,” forcing further closures and layoffs. (The group also said it was addressing the prevalence of “maskual harassment” in other ways, including training to help employees de-escalate conflicts.)

So the solution to be people harassing others is to teach the people being harassed to be nice to them? That looks like a way to let them know the behavior is OK. I get that you don’t want to escalate the conflicts, but when someone is engaging in bad behavior, if it results in zero negative outcome, then it is not going to discourage it.