Share your drive-thru stories please

Every time I go through a drive-thru at a bank or restaurant I think that there must be some pretty good stories out there from people either working at a drive-thru or going through one.
People trashing their side-view mirrors, dropped food/money, people pulling up 6 feet away from the window, fender benders, coins in the bank tube, etc. etc.

I don’t have any to share but there has to be some good ones out there so do tell::

According to a coworker, some guy in the drive thru was “exposed” the whole time he was there. I didn’t actually see it, but I did watch a couple of the girls taking turns giving him his change, handing him the food, etc. and getting severe giggles out of the whole thing.

I once helped a woman who parked too far away from the window. As she struggled to reach the window, her boob fell out of her tank top. Sadly, it was not an attractive boob.

I was working in one, and as soon as the lady at the window paid me, she got rear-ended. She told me she was calling the police, and pulled up. The guy who had hit her pulled up behind her and shoved a soda bottle full of a clear liquid (presumably vodka; he was clearly ripped) in my direction. “Take this! Take this! Throw it away!” I looked at him like he had just asked me to eat poo, and closed the window. Of course they carted that dumbass off to jail. Not to mention that I was 15 at the time, and I’m sure they would’ve found more charges to throw at him as soon as they walked in and I handed the alcohol over to them.

My boyfriend who worked there got an order of fries thrown back through the window at him. They were the wrong size or something.

It always cracked me up when people turned in applications through the drive through as well. What are these people thinking?

I used to work at a Chinese restaurant with a drive-thru. One night, about half an hour before closing time, a car pulled into the drive-thru. I had the following conversation.

Me: Welcome to {restaurant} how can I help you?
Driver: {slurs} Hamsh fed rishn
Me: :confused: Ham fried rice?
Driver: {unintelligible}
Me: I’m sorry sir, I can’t understand you. Will you please pull forward and I’ll take your order at the window
Me: Ooookay…please pull forward.
The car stalls…then starts, then lurches forward. By now the entire closing staff is at the window with me watching this drunk guy navigate the narrow drive-thru lane.

He finally gets to the window and before I can even say anything to him, he stalls the car and screams, “HAM FRIED RICE RULES!!” then promptly passes out.

According to the officer that showed up to haul the guy away, he’d been through at least two other restaurants’ drive-thru lanes ranting about ham fried rice.

Ugh. A guy once threw the egg from his Sausage McMuffin at me (missed, fortunately). He had wanted a “square” one, and it was round. I had gone to a lot of trouble trying to convey his request to the grill team and front window workers, too. Oddly, there is no button on the register which will allow people to customize the shape of their eggs. I burn with anger whenever I think of that incident, and it happened over ten years ago.

I pulled into a KFC once, ordered a bucket and they asked me to pull up and they’d bring it out. I waited, finally turned off my Jeep, waited… and waited.

20 minutes later I walked into the store to find out where my chicken was. There had been a shift change and somehow they’re forgotton all about me. Everyone in the store was new, I didn’t recognize a soul. “I’m right here” I reminded them and went back to my car… and waited, waited, waited.

20 minutes later AGAIN and still no chicken. I’m in utter disbelief. I walked back in. “WHERE IS MY CHICKEN?” Looking shocked and embarrassed, they said “We assumed you were upset and had left.” “No, I’ve been patiently waiting outside as you requested I do for my chicken” and went back out, for the THIRD time and waited.

Awhile later, sheepishly, they brought out my comp’d chicken, fast food 45 freakin’ minutes after I’d ordered.

I love KFC but after that “drive thru” experience I took about a 6 month hiatus.

My bad experiance in a drive thru was about ten years ago. I had just taken the kids to a haunted house and I decided to stop and get some McDonalds to take home. I am not sure what the issue was but from the order to the window was taking forever. I swear it was over twenty minutes and I still was not up to the window to actually get the food.

What seemed like a half hour I was finally there. Hanging on the wall behind the window was a sign that stated “25 seconds drive through time”. As I was fuming and thinking yeah right try 25 minutes the person opened the little door and the first thing out of the clerks mouth was “what did you order?”. I was so pissed off at that point I told her to fuck off and I drove away.

I felt bad later as I assume they had some type of electronic error going on but in that case then shut down the damn drive through.

That place still has the slowest drive through I have ever seen. You can go inside faster.

I had recently moved to the Cincinnati area and was unfamiliar with their customs. When they don’t hear you, instead of saying “Excuse me?” they say “Please?”

So I was at the Burger King drive through and ordered a Whopper, fries and a coke. The speaker had a lot of static and it was difficult to hear what was said. After I’d given my order, the girl on the other end said “Please?”

Sheepishly I repeated, “I’d like a Whopper, fries and a coke, please”.

As a fellow former McWorker I have my fair share of these stories. My favorite after all this time is still the one where the rich lady with the lap dog came through to get a cheeseburger for her dog. She got it and left, and promptly came back a few minutes later to let us know, during lunch rush, that Snookums didn’t care for the burger we’d prepaired and that Snookums wanted a new one.

This also happened on my friend Dan’s last day. Dan went to the window and told the lady that “You know people like you really piss us off. If you and Snookums don’t get out of my fucking drive through right now that I’m going to come out there and punt your dog across the fucking street.”

They left. :smiley:

Well, there’s the story about the marijuana dealer who identified “customers” by having them ask for “extra biscuits”. Guess how he got busted?

I dated a gal that worked at McDonald’s for a short period of time (the relationship, not the employment. She’d call me when she was at work, when she was “reconciling” (some word that started with “re”, I don’t remember exactly), which was ringing up an “order” for water, and then completing it within one second, to get the average time of an order to under the goal of 30 seconds! :eek:

My wife and I went through the drive-though at McD’s about 2 years ago. We ordered whatever it was we ordered and pulled up to the window.

The kid at the window said (I don’t remember the exact amounts, but it went something like this): “That’ll be $8.23. Uh…” He ducked back inside, “Uh… I mean $8.32…” He ducked back inside, “Uh… I mean $8.82!” He started to duck back inside again, and I instinctively yelled, “NO! Don’t go back in there! It keeps costing me more money!”

My wife is still laughing at me for that…

<Joe Pesci>“They fuck you at the drive thru!”</JP>

Truer words have never been spoken.

I was a pharmacy technician at Walgreens for a while. And my favorite customer was the guy who would come through the drive-thru once a month to pick up his asthma inhaler refill.

Smoking like a chimney.
With his oxygen tank on the seat next to him.

My second favorite customer was the woman who, every time she came through, invariably gave me so much shit that it wasn’t funny, and one day she finally went screeching out of the drive-thru, shouting she was gonna transfer all her prescriptions to Krogers.

Well, good riddance. We all heaved a sigh of relief.

A week later she was back, sheepishly.
Kroger hadn’t put up with ANY of her bullshit, and basically told her to take her business elsewhere.

We had a good snarky laugh about that.

Ha ha ha! I have a good friend who is from Cincinnati, and his wife is always teasing him about the “please” thing. Next time I see him, I am going to tell him this story!

For the second time I get to post this link.

Warning…undetermined. Entertainment value only.

Bwhaaaaa! Oh man, that’s priceless.

A long time ago, my BF and I went to a Jack in the Box drive-thru after midnight one night. This particular Jack was known as a gang hang-out, with gang members congregating openly in the parking lot, but it’s also right on the main strip and we figured we’d be safe enough just getting some food and driving away.

He had been drinking, so I was driving. I was a new driver and competent enough but inexperienced. We were in a Toyota van, stick shift, no power steering.

We got in line, cars in front of us, cars in back of us. And waited. And waited. And waited. The line just wasn’t moving, period. Maybe they were making burgers for their dead homies, I dunno. Finally we realized it was both pointless and increasingly dangerous to stick around.

So I start to try and maneuver the van back and forth until I can pull out of line. At NO POINT did I hit anyone’s car, my car, the building, a person, nothing. But my driving was erratic enough to get the people behind us riled up and honking, which set off everyone else, who I guess thought we were trying to start shit.

I get onto the street, at which point I realize the car behind us has also gotten out of line and is following us. The BF starts yelling, “drive, drive, drive!” and so I do as fast as I can, turning corners and whatnot. I forget what the other car was, but it was a hell of a lot faster than a Toyota van and we had no hope of outrunning them.

Then they pull up alongside us on the right (two lane road with a left turn lane at intersections) and things are clearly about to get shitty. The light at the intersection in front of us is a stale yellow, so I gun it to get them to cross through with me, but then make a left turn at the last possible second, they keep going straight, throwing them off long enough for us to disappear in the neighborhood streets.

And that’s how Jack in the Box gang members nearly killed me.

Similar experience - same chain. I was waiting in the drive thru lineup for forty -five minutes. I couldn’t back-up, someone was behind me, couldn’t drive forward - someone in front - just waiting.

Finally I called the restaurant from my cell phone. I asked what the problem was - they didn’t laugh. WHen I got up to the window they asked me for my money. I looked at her and said, “It;s been forty-five minutes. There is no way I am paying for this.”
They gave it to me for free - spit I am sure was included.

One of my friends went through a chicken place - was told they were “out of chicken”.

He exclaimed - “You have ONE product - how can you be OUT?”

I worked at a seafood restaurant that ran out of shrimp.

On Mother’s Day.

We closed early. Customers were not happy.

There’s a guy around where I grew up who had lost his license (and been caught driving without one) enough times that he gave up and bought a horse, apparently at the suggestion of a judge*. One of my friends who worked at Tim Hortons at the time said that it was a bit of a problem because apparently the horse didn’t trip whatever sensor they had and the next thing they knew there’d be a horse sticking it’s head in the drive-thru window.

(They had other problems with this guy besides that–apparently at one point the horse ate the flowers in the planters outside. He did leave them behind, albeit in a much different form)

*I presume the judge was joking, but either way the result was the same.