Share your favorite Friars club roast clip

I’ll start us off with Stephen Colbert roasting Chevy Chase:


it’s not Friar’s Club, but Colbert roasting GW at the White House Correspondence Dinner set the bar pretty high for taking someone down at a roast.

if you’re including the Comedy Central Roasts, i’ve always liked Lisa Lampanelli’s dark poetry at the Flavor Flav roast:

love her comments on Patton Oswalt, Carrot Top, and the Flavor of Love girls

From the same roast, Greg Giraldo was pretty funny too:

Norm MacDonald’s roasting of Bob Saget. It seems he was told to behave pre-show, and went with this.

Here’s the whole clip. It’s absolutely brilliant. Painfully dragging out the cauliflower joke gets me in tears every time. Then staring at the crowd for not laughing at the Rin Tin Tin joke…shit.

I spent way too long looking for the whole thing last night, thanks Munch.

This never fails: Foster Brooks

I guess I’m old school but the current crude humor doesn’t appeal to me.

Yeah, I love the oldschool ones where Foster Brooks pretends to be drunk off his ass and Don Rickles makes fun of blacks and other minorities too. :smiley:

Don’t get me wrong, they were funny. But crude has different meanings in different eras.

And Colbert still destroys the oldschool ones. I firmly believe his roast of Chevy can’t be topped.

Gilbert Gottfried describing sex with Joan Rivers.

Warning: Link contains Gilbert Gottfried describing sex with Joan Rivers.

Yeah, the Norm MacDonald clip from the Saget roast is hilarious in a crazy way. Norm’s one of the funniest comedians out there(a comedian’s comedian) and watching him tell dumb jokes and watch everyone is just great. Intentional bombing.

So he sucks ON PURPOSE!? :confused:


I guess vulgar and/or boorish were the terms I was thinking of.

More specifically, that act sucked on purpose.

I thought the last roast of Donald Trump was pretty good but Larry King, for me, was the highlight.

Everytime he would say, “Next caller.”, it had me cracing up.