Share your favourite internet pages

The object of this thread is to promote your favourite pages.
Be aware that this is Cafe society, therefore I don’t want to hear about your favourite stock analisis page.-
My favourite: (besides the SDMB), is
The best way to describe it: it is a personalized radio station.-
Just perfect.-
What are your’s?

I tend to browse Fark and Something Awful pretty often.

link? or at least the complete address?

Wow, just tried it, pandora is really cool.

I also like

This is what is for:

Destroyed me with the funny starting in 1998, and he hasn’t stopped yet. Just, er, unless you’re on the ranting end of conservativism, don’t read his Bleat. It will make you sad.

I am a big fan of one particular page on Wikipedia the featured desktop photos. High-quality stuff.

Digital Blasphemy. Digital artwork, plus a few movies. Some of the most amazing images that the human race has ever produced.

Quantum Muse. An obsucre e-zine of science fiction along with some essays, editorials, and mindless chatter.

Soda Play. It’s impossible to describe, but you will be entertained if you follow this link.