Share your gym routines

Not long ago I started a poll about gyms, the majority of participants replied that they visited at least a couple of times a week.

However, visiting means nothing unless you get some work done, sadly we can’t get fit by absorbing a healthy atmosphere. I’m getting a bit bored with my routine so if you’ve found something that works, I’d love to know what your goals are and what you do while you’re down there - or stuff you’ve tried but didn’t like. Of course there are 1000 sites on this stuff, but nothing beats personal experience.

My goals are pretty much to improve stamina, so I’ve been doing intervals on the cardio stuff then jumping onto circuits on the resistance machines. But I get a feeling I could use my time better if I get a bit more down into the nitty-gritty.

Spin = 1 hour per week
TRX = 1 hour per week
Elliptical = 2 hours per week
Weight training = 5 hours per week
>Weight training is generally 12-15 sets per body part and two body parts per day
>>1 day for about an hour, regardless of what I already worked out, I ‘hit’ my whole body hard.

Occasional: run for 30-40 mins or bike for an hour

Typical Tuesday might be Chest (15 sets and biceps 12 sets) followed by 35 mins of elliptical.
On a day with TRX, I would only do TRX that day.
On a day with Spin, I would do some resistance training on whatever didn’t feel sore.

I do hundreds of ab reps and dozens or even hundreds of pushups per week as it occurs to me. Sort of like, “Hey, I am sweaty from pulling weeds, so time for 25 pushups”.

I work my body from listening and reacting to it. Set counts, body parts on given days, etc: These are not set-in-stone rules. They are guidelines.

For my wife: Triple whatever I listed. She is certifiably insane…

We actually did this about 2 months ago. Here.

My routine is still the same :slight_smile:

Thanks, wouldn’t let us search for ‘gym’. Wish my gym had a TRX thingy Philster, looks intriguing…

Just started. I do cardio kickboxing class T and TR. It’s not actual boxing or anything but a lot of endurance, abs, and leg training.