Share your irrational fears.

Loosely based on this thread, what irrational fears have you suddenly developed.

Mine is ice skating. The bizzare thing about it is that I’ve ice skated since I was 3 years old. I played ice hockey all through my youth. Never a single major injury or second thought about it. I stopped skating for a number of years as an adult but once my kids got old enough I decided to teach them how to skate. That’s when it happened. I have this sudden mortal fear that they’ll fall and break something or will be stepped on by some other skater and loose a finger or worse. I seriously have to suppress the urge to rip them off the ice. I steel my nerves every time I watch them on skates and have to turn away to quell the occasional wave of panic.

The other odd thing is that I don’t worry in the least when they are on downhill skis and trying to race me to the bottom.

Every once in a while, lying in bed, it will occur to me to put a hand over my crotch just in case a piece of plaster should fall loose from the ceiling and smack me in the nuts.

'Cause seriously, that would really hurt.

I have an odd and useless fear of dying in a submarine accident. I’m not in the military. I’ve never been on a submarine that wasn’t docked in shallow water. Basically, I think it’s just the worst-ever way to die. Watching submarine accident scenes in movies gets me really freaked out.

I fear that one day, I will eat fugu, and the fugu will not kill me but merely paralyze me. I will be buried and will eventually snap out of the coma, and wake up 6 feet under.

But I am only afraid of being buried alive if it is preceeded by this specific series of events.

Don’t talk to me about embalming or medical science or creamation.

I fear it.

Bridges and overpasses scare the crap out of me.

I have the irrational fear that I will either be on a bridge (I especially hate the Richmond Bridge) and it will collapse, or I will be under an overpass and it will collapse.

I’ve had this fear for as long as I can remember, since I was a kid. Since moving to earthquake zone, it’s only intensified.

I can’t stand being stuck in traffic on or under either, I actually start to get panicky.

I am afraid of the innards of machines and ships. For example, I would freak out if I were in the Hunley per say. I’m not afraid of submarines nor am I claustraphobic (sp?). But being in the bilge just freaks me the crap out. And since that sub is all moving parts, yikes!!! I know it’s weird, but it freaks me out. Same thing with exploring such things as moth balled ships, ship wrecks, etc.

Did you happen to watch Buried Alive? I saw it on television many years ago (it came out in 1990) and your fear features prominently in the movie.

Balloons and thunderstorms. No idea why.

Balloons are fine if they are on a string, and people let them float nicely. Though sometimes if I see a whole bunch of them on strings, I try to steer clear of those, too.

Thunderstorms… I see the flash of the lightning, and that’s bad, but it’s over, but the thunder is so much worse. When it’s particularly loud, I hide myself in a “safe” corner (no outlets, metal, speakers, any electronic devices), sometimes literally hiding under a blanket. I have been this frightened since I was a baby. Apparently I used to tell my family when I was about six that “Thunder sounds like God giving up.” When asked how so, I would say, “It’s like He took a gun and pointed it at his head and just gave up.” :eek: Sheeeee-it.

These days I hide under my blankets and pray to several Ogs and hope one will respond. As long as, you know, they don’t respond with more thunder.

If I’m in a crowded place, surrounded by people, lights, noise, etc, I feel a little safer… however, most friends note that I get pretty quiet. My heart is usually beating hummingbird-quick, but I don’t feel the need to find a dark closet and bust out the rosary (I’m not even Catholic, but I’ll take a gamble on it… ba da bomp)

I am terrified of light bulbs. It’s gotten worse over the last couple of years, but I’m terribly afraid that they’ll shatter in my fingers and glass will embed itself in my hand. I can’t change them, whether they’re in the roof or on a lamp.

I can’t even stand to be in the same room as Hubby when he’s changing one, I just about have a panic attack because I’m afraid he’ll break one and glass will injure him as well.

But it’s only light bulbs, other glass I’m okay with.

Stinging insects. If I see a bee, I turn into Rainman when Tom Cruise tried to get him on the airplane.

Slight hijack, but I’ve always found it fascinating that Billy Bob Thornton has a phobia of antique furniture.

Oh, and completely empty buildings. Especially at night.

I don’t know where that came from, but something about empty/abandoned buildings, where I know there’s going to be nobody at all, seem to just really press my buttons. I hate them.

I have no fear of spiders and most insects, but I feel an irrational panic when I see a stag beetle. I have no idea where this fear came from. Most bugs I find interesting, and I don’t mind handling them. But the idea of touching a stag beetle fills me with dread.

I’m right there with ya.

When I was little, my parents would chase me up the stairs at bedtime, pinching my cute little bum when/if they caught me. I hated it, but never said anything, and so what was to them nothing but a bit of harmless teasing became to me a desperate race to get to the top of the stairs before they could get me.

Now, when someone starts running up the stairs behind me, I flip out (internally, anyway). We’re talking full-on panic. Absolute screaming mimis. And then I start running to get away and they think I’m looking for a chase.

Thanks a lot, mom and dad.

Anastasaeon, are you perchance a bird? :wink: I kid. (I can justify it in that my phobia is just completely, utterly irrational and I know I am about to sound like a fool.)

Okay, here it is: I have a serious phobia (my god I’m finding it hard to even type this!) about things going into my belly button. Aaaahh! I feel serious panic coming on so I won’t describe any detailed situations that get to me (like certain tests for pregnant women). Any mention, visuals, pretending, even pointing something at that region makes me panic. :eek:

I am afraid that while I am opening or closing a driver’s side car door, that another car will hit the door and take my hand off.

Might I recommend an internet site for you then. You can watch a video of that very same thing (minus the dismemberment) and conquer your fears. :smiley:

Spiders, and icky bugs in general. All of my family, friends, and co-workers know this and when I start to scream, they come running to kill whatever terrible beast is trying to kill me. It’s very nice of them to do so. Earlier this week I had a nightmare that there were huge, disgusting bugs crawling out of the walls in our bedroom. My husband had to wake me up and rub my back to settle me down, because I was totally freaking out. Usually I’m the one waking him up out of nightmares.

A friend of mine flips out at the sight of a cat. We always make a point to shut the cats in the basement when she’s coming over. One time, we forgot by accident. One of our cats was just a kitten at the time, and was so tiny you could hold him in the palm of your hand–not exactly threatening looking. My friend saw the kitten and immediately began screaming and ran toward the door. I felt really bad about it at the time, but the two of us can laugh about it now.

—Any kind of bugs, spiders, scorpions, worms, etc. Crawly things. I will run screaming to the other end of the apartment when I see one and stay there until it is killed.

—Open high places, like the unenclosed top of a building. I don’t think this is irrational, though, since it would be very easy to slip and fall or have someone push you.

—Amputation, both of amputees and of things which cause amputation like machinery, swords, etc. I feel sort of bad about this because amputees are people just like me that just had a bad accident, but really, whenever I see someone with a missing body part I have an uncontrollable urge to run away. Luckily, that hasn’t happened too often, though there was this one time I was introduced to a coworker at Walmart and I didn’t realize he was missing a finger until I shook his hand and then I had to slink away and cower in the corner for a little bit. Looking back, I think that was a sign that the Walmart experience would not turn out well.

—I wouldn’t say I’m scared of them, but I have a definite negative visceral reaction to facial tattoos. It makes me physically sick to look at them, though it doesn’t make me want to run away. I don’t really have the same reaction to scars, which leads me to think that I am turned off because someone screwed up their own face. I do have a negative reaction to missing eyes, though that probably falls under amputation (above).

So I guess Das Boot is not your favorite movie? :wink:

Perhaps this is a little too…serious, but I have an irrational fear of being homeless. I’ve been little-h homeless for brief periods of my life–that is to say, I’ve had to live out of a car or out of someone’s garage–but I’ve never had to live at the Maytag Hotel or out of a shelter. Nor, given the background and variety of skills I have and apparent absence of any self-destructive behaviors, is ther any reason that I should expect to be living under an underpass. And yet, I wake up with cold chills when I have a dream about being homeless. I read Travels With Lizbeth recently and it almost made me physically ill with worry (especially about his dog, the eponymous Lizbeth.)