Share your kids' resources for science & engineering!

Yes, it’s another thread about kids. I’ve been researching books and websites for good content on science and engineering and it’s been really hit or miss. I’m not looking for materials to give my kid a tutorial by any means, but more information to satisfy my son’s curiosity. Like any 6 year old, he has lots and lots of questions, so much so I’ve started keeping a working list of research topics so I don’t forget to sit down with him and look them up.

I can explain certain things generally, but sometimes I need some help on the details. Do any Dopers out there have some suggestions for books, sites or even movies they and their children have really enjoyed that explain science and engineering well? I’m looking for kindergarten-first grade level. Any help you guys can provide would be very, very welcome!

You might try for anything you can’t explain well. They almost always have good answers.

I never would’ve considered that. It’ll take some paraphrasing, but it looks promising.

When he gets a bit older, Make Magazine is awesome!

I bet your son would like Sid the Science Kid, on PBS.


are both excellent sites that show educational short videos. Your school or library might be able to share a password for the Brainpop sites. They do have a free app that shows one free video a day.

That looks right up his alley! He was recently asking me how gas through a car’s engine was different than gas through an airplane engine and how rotors worked. Make looks like it might answer stuff like that.

Tara57, I didn’t even think of those. I just found the answer to one of my son’s questions (he was asking me how black holes work and if they can absorb each other).

Ugh. I’m terrible at imparting information. It’s either way too much or very disjointed.

May I please add a request for sites aimed at older kids too? My 13y/o is into science and her teacher suggested she look into more chemistry based stuff.

Even during my brushes with science type employment, it was maths/biology based. I haven’t a clue about chemistry. My dad was an electroplater for many years and has exhausted his store of knowledge.

What are some good cheistry based sites (games/factoids/experiments/anything)?


Bill Beaty runs a decent site. Especially good are the pages that discuss things that are commonly taught wrong, or widely misunderstood.

That looks great, thanks.

How about Khan Academy?