Share your Netflix Rental queue

I decided as soon as I’d heard about that I was going to use it to become movie literate. Bascially, to see all the movies that I’ve heard about over the years, and even referenced, but have never actually seen. (e.g. I regularly quote from Taxi Driver and Deliverance but have seen neither.)

I haven’t done that well so far, because I keep getting distracted. And I still feel like I’m missing out on some. So everybody post your first 5 or 10 items, or just the ones you’re most anxious to watch. Feel free to edit out any soft-core porn, if you’re too embarrassed. And see if you can’t give a reason for why you picked it.
Currently out:

(based on a recommendation on the SDMB when I said I didn’t find Helen Mirren sexy)

Legally Blonde
(it got surprisingly good reviews)

Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!
(never seen an Almodovar movie, and I’ve heard stuff about this one for years)

On the list:

Dungeons & Dragons
(based on another SDMB thread, and yes I’m expecting the worst)

Oz: The Complete First Season: Disc 1
(never seen the show, but I’m a hopeless romantic)

Monster’s Ball
(want to see if Halle Berry freaks out half as much in the movie as she did at the awards show)

Pat and Mike
(Tracy and Hepburn, and I’ve never seen it)

Arlington Road
(I keep hearing about twist endings and want to see it before it gets totally spoiled for me)

Taxi Driver
(see the OP)

A Bridge Too Far
(forgot why I chose this one)

The Andromeda Strain
(ditto. I hated the book, and have never seen the movie)

The Seven Percent Solution
(I was reading The League of Extra… excuse me, LXG and wanted to see something Victorian)

Event Horizon
(I’ve never seen a good review of this, but a friend sincerely described it as the scariest movie he’d ever seen, so I’m curious.)

“Oz: The Complete First Season: Disc 1
(never seen the show, but I’m a hopeless romantic)”

Um… this is a joke right? You know that series takes place in a max security prison and isn’t above a little of the old ultra-violence.

Speaking of which, you should add:
A Clockwork Orange
2001: Space Odyssey
Citizen Kane

Currently out:
All Creatures Great & Small Disc 3 (working my way thru the series)
About a Boy
Once Upon a Time in China (kung-fu)
Somewhere in Time
Apocalypse Now
All Creatures… Dic 4
Sleepy Hollow
MST3K: “eeeagh!”

Wait I wasn’t done!
The Secret of Roan Inish
The Perfect Storm
My Big Fat Greek Wedding
Life is Beautiful
Ma Vie en Rose
Remember the Titans

And on my “put them on my queue just as soon as they come out queue”
Spirited Away

I should say that I see a lot of movies, probably 90% of the time I’ve already seen the movies that come up on their recommendations engine. I’ve also already had at least 12-15 movies pass through my Netflix… WHY can’t you get a list of all the movies you’ve rented?

Arghh! This service was made for me. Do they have any plans to expand to canada? crosses fingers

You can - there’s a rental history section under the “Your Account” tab.

A three month history is always available, and then there’s a button on the bottom of the page if you want your whole history emailed (I imagine they give you this hoop to jump through so as not to kill their hamsters.)

I currently have 360 movies in my queue. Maybe I’ll edit that down a bit before I post.

My cousin tried this service and got nothing but scratched, unwatchable DVDs. Just a warning; best of luck to you!

DVDs You Have Out

1 Angel Sanctuary
2 Record of Lodoss War: Vol. A
3 Spriggan
4 Robotech #5: Macross Saga: War and Peace
5 Record of Lodoss War: Vol. B

DVDs in Your Queue
Neon Genesis Evangelion Collection 0:4
Neon Genesis Evangelion Collection 0:5
Neon Genesis Evangelion Collection 0:6
Neon Genesis Evangelion Collection 0:7
Neon Genesis Evangelion Collection 0:8
Sin: The Motion Picture
MST3K: The Brain That Wouldn’t Die
Robotech #1: Macross Saga: First Contact
Robotech #4: The Macross Saga: Battlefront
Robotech #6: Macross Saga: Final Conflict
Harlock Saga
Nightwalker #1: Midnight Detective
Nightwalker #2: Eternal Darkness
Neon Genesis Evangelion: Death and Rebirth
Armitage III: Poly-Matrix
Armitage: Dual-Matrix
Tenchi in Tokyo #1: A New Start
Tenchi in Tokyo #2: A New Friend
Tenchi in Tokyo #3: A New Legend
Tenchi in Tokyo #4: New Enemies
Tenchi in Tokyo #5: A New Love
Tenchi in Tokyo #6: A New Challenge
Tenchi in Tokyo #7: A New Career
Tenchi in Tokyo #8: A New Ending
Trigun #1: The $60,000,000,000 Man
Trigun #2: Lost Past
Trigun #3: Wolfwood
Trigun #4: Gung-Ho-Guns
Trigun #5: Angel Arms
Trigun #6: Project Seeds
Trigun #7: Puppet
Trigun #8: High Noon
RG Veda
Revolutionary Girl Utena: Collection 1
Revolutionary Girl Utena: Collection 2
Revolutionary Girl Utena #3
Revolutionary Girl Utena: The Movie
Zone of the Enders #1: Idolo
Zone of the Enders: Countdown to Destiny
Zone of the Enders: Dolores: Vol. 2
Yu Yu Hakusho: Disc 7
Yu Yu Hakusho: The Dark Tournament: Vol. 9
Yu Yu Hakusho: Dark Tournament: Vol. 10
Record of Lodoss War: Chronicles: Disc A
Record of Lodoss War: Chronicles: Disc B
Record of Lodoss War: Chronicles: Disc C
Record of Lodoss War: Chronicles: Disc D

DVDs Awaiting Release
The End of Evangelion

I would, but it’s over 150 titles.

Yeah, it was a joke. Stuff I’ve read make it sound like the show is filled to bursting with prison rape scenes.

And I’ve seen all the movies you listed, except for My Big Fat Greek Wedding, so I must be making some progress!

Fibber McGee: that’s why I suggested only the first 5 or 10 items from your list. My queue is around 100 titles itself.

Gr8Kat: So you’re the one who’s keeping me from being able to get any of the anime I’ve wanted to watch! It took them the longest time to get the rest of Neon Genesis Evangelion, so I eventually just gave up and got them locally.

Buckleberry Ferry: I haven’t had any problems with the service so far, and I’ve been using it for almost two years now. I did have a problem twice with their saying that the DVD’s I’d returned never arrived there, but that could be the fault of the Berkeley post office and not Netflix. I wasn’t ever charged for them, but it did bug me a little that the Netflix e-mail was worded “If you still have those movies, enjoy them!” which struck me as a little passive/agressive.

Okay, back to the lists!

I can’t find them locally, so I was thrilled when I finally noticed Netflix has them! Should be released today, shame I already have 5 discs out. Maybe they’ll get the rest of Escaflowne one of these days, too.

Oh, and I hope you’ve seen all the Slayers you care to, because after I shared my queue, I added them, too :wink:

We’ve only had the service a couple months, but so far the discs have been pretty good. There was a problem with track 7 of “Angel Sanctuary,” so we returned it for another copy. (Not that “Angel Sanctuary” is that great of an anime, but it would be nice to see how

Tokyo gets destroyed

this time.

OK, here’s the first bunch -

Currently out

The Man Who Knew Too Much

Drugstore Cowboy

Pi: Faith in Chaos

Next up:

Eyes Wide Shut

Farscape: Season 1: Vol. 6

Bringing Out the Dead

The 39 Steps

Bottle Rocket

Wonder Boys

State and Main

The Impostors

The Sopranos: The First Season: Disc 1

The Apartment

Cowboy Bebop 1


The Filth and the Fury: A Sex Pistols Film

Dazed and Confused


Also, in the six months I’ve been using the service I’ve only had one disc show up cracked. They replaced it immediately, no questions asked.

I usually put Ebert & Roeper’s DVD recommendations on my list. Otherwise, I usually can’t remember why I added one.

42nd Street
Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron
Sharpe’s Siege

The Sopranos: Second Season: Disc 1
Sailor Moon #1: A Heroine Is Chosen
Glengarry Glen Ross
13 Conversations About One Thing
The Big Sleep
Reign of Fire
Ice Age
Austin Powers in Goldmember
Lovely and Amazing