Sharing a scanner over a LAN

Alright, I encountered this a few days ago for the first time and seem to have hit a wall. What I want to do (to help a friend out), is to share a single scanner (as part of a multifunction device) over a LAN/home network. Currently, the print function is shared without a problem - that’s a pretty standard setup. However, attempting to share the scan function to multiple (2 remote, 1 local) PCs has got me stumped. The multifunction in question is a Samsung SCX-2521F. I just can’t seem to allow the client workstations to use it, and fairly extensive googling leads me only to third-party software purporting to enable this for ANY scanner (for $100, of course). Looking at the Samsung website, there are instructions for doing this with the SmarThru 3 software, but this multifunction comes with SmarThru 4 - no networking support seems to be available.
If someone could help fight my ignorance, I’d appreciate it. This one is hitting right in the joint of my ego! :rolleyes:

Do you have access to the computer that the scanner is hooked up to? My suggestion would be to scan it to the local computer and then pull/push the file to the remote computer. Of course depending on your situation that my not be convienent for you.

Did you mean the SCX-4521F? There’s no sign of a 2521. The manual seems to indicate that you can’t network the scanning facility.