Sharing beds: Are you a hog? Or do you surrender easily?

I’m a surrenderer, I’m such a wuss, I even surrender valuable bed space to my damn cats. So usually, by the time I wake up in the morning, I find myself on the very edge of my mattress! Man, I hate that!

No pets in the house, so that’s nothing we deal with. We have a king size bed, so every night with the wife, there’s enough real estate for us to each be content…but on Saturday mornings, the two little ones will make their way to our bed before everyone gets up. In those cases I will normally surrender, but it’s only for 30 minutes to an hour.

I don’t surrender willingly. I’ve been raised in the countryside, and learned to draw strict boundaries. No way I’m dealing with a pet as if it were a human. It doesn’t get to eat what people eat, to sleep where people sleep, and so on.
Also, I’ve no pet. I don’t want the constraints and besides I live in a city, and I have an issue with indoor pets. I think an apartment isn’t a place to raise an animal. You need at the very least a garden.
However, once, my girlfriend at the time had three cats. Every single evening, I would fall asleep the head on a pillow. Every single morning, I would wake up with my head on the matress, and a cat rolled up on my pillow, peacefully sleeping :eek:

I opened this assuming it meant human partners, so I’ll answer both questions!

Humans: I’m not really a bed hog even though I take up a lot of ‘vertical’ room. It helps that my sweeties is a sub-compact and doesn’t take up much room herself. We’re also both cuddly, so end up sharing the same space a lot of the time.

Dog: When it was just me, Emma Dog would snuggle right up with me every night. She no longer has bed rights, though.

Cats: Nice quiet kitty usually sleeps on the bed. She makes it a point to be unobtrusive and choose a spot that I don’t need. Fat cat doesn’t give a shit where he lands, as long as it’s warm. I will move as I please, and if there’s a cat in the way too bad for them. Nice kitty doesn’t mind the waves, as she’s figured out it’ll calm down soon and she can get on with her nap. Fat kitty hates it and bails right away, and as a result doesn’t spend much time on the bed.

It’s for anybody you share your bed with, be it human or critter. (Or both)

I’m a “cold sleeper.” I like a fan on or window open and usually have a leg sticking out from under the covers to siphon off excess body heat, if I’m using any covers at all. Therefore it is usually pretty easy to drive me to a little corner on the edge of the bed to get away from waves of heat coming off another person. When I had dogs as a kid they usually crowded me out as well.

However pets don’t typically enter the equation these days. My cats are far too interested in disrupting my sleep - one with a combination of either body heat from aggressive snuggling or excessive rambunctiousness, the other from suddenly deciding he wants active affection now in the dead of night. Unless I am ill and want company because I’m not sleeping much anyway, they get banished from the bedroom at night.

Depends. Early in the night, the cats rule. They’ll push us all over. But around 2am or so, I remember that they get to sleep all day while I have to get up in 3 hours, and I kick them around until I’m comfortable. Then they resettle in the new position and go back to sleep.

I’m a very active sleeper. I spin like a flywheel. I’m all over the place. I also strike out with my fists and feet during sleep. I’ve knocked my bedside bookshelves over more than once.

I have to sleep alone. I’d be a damn hazard to a bedmate.

But…I do enjoy the friendliness of a cat on top of the bedspread. For me, it’s comforting and companionable.

For the cat, it’s like being in bed with a wheat-harvester or a road-grader!

When I’m awake, I surrender to the wife. If I need to move a cat, I will. When I’m asleep I move a lot, but my wife doesn’t surrender. Our first night sharing a bed she said " I just wanted to be close to you" and I melted.

We went from a king to a queen to a full and find it more than sufficient, our little 8# chihuahua is the biggest bed hog in my house.

I’m not sure how to answer such a hypothetical question.

My cat sleeps on his own in the living room, so when sleeping with human(s) I tend to sleep close, spooning or otherwise cuddling. This is complicated by my own personal metabolism, since I am cold when I go to sleep and bundle up unmercifully. However, sometime in the night, I switch over to being a heat-producing machine and have to throw off the blankets. At his point I usually cannot bear being in anyone’s arms or even touching, so I have to scootch over to cool off. Nothing personal, I am just too warm for cuddling.

Yep, I definitely hog the bed, the sheets/comforter, too. My boyfriend gets mad, but I can’t help the fact that I move a lot when I sleep. Why he got a full size bed when he replaced his old one, I’ll never know. My queen size fits us (well, me) much better.

I have a king-size bed, and the number of bodies on it ranges from just me, to me, my partner (who is 6’10"), 2 cats and 2 big dogs. Needless to say, real estate is at a premium . . . especially with my partner lying diagonally. Good thing we all love each other.

I have been told that once I fall asleep, I can be a bit of a bed hog. Certainly, after a period of welcome cuddling, I am prone to say “ok it’s time to sleep now, I need my space,” and then after that I am told that I often move diagonally and steal covers. Personally, I don’t believe it! I mean, I don’t remember any of that happening!!

Thanks to the welcoming attitude of my boyfriend, my kitty is welcome to sleep with us, which she often does. But I am not afraid to push her out of the way if she rests in my precious leg room.

So yeah, I vote that I’m a bed hog, though I don’t like to admit it.

I get squished over to the side as Mrs Iggy manages to wrap herself in all the covers like some sort of burrito while simultaneously spreading out to take up 7/8 of the sleeping real estate.

I would like to take this opportunity to state that the idea of sharing a bed with animals (and their hair) disgusts me. No animals allowed upstairs in the bedrooms at all.

I generally stick to my little slice of the king sized bed near the edge. There is usually a large gap in the middle between me and the girlfriend. Which is fine by her, she likes to be left alone while sleeping.

I hope “the girlfriend” isn’t hairy.

I try to keep the blankets even. The problem is that my wife kicks the blankets onto me in her sleep when she gets warm and then complains I’ve taken them when she get cold.

I’m not a hog, but I do protect my slice of the bed very well. Dog has his place. Husband has his place. I have mine. :slight_smile: