Sharing computer program

My wife and I share a laptop. We each sign in as a separate user. I recently downloaded a program (Dropbox, if it matters) that I wanted both of us to be able to use, but it shows up only on my “half” of the computer.

How can I make this program available to both of us?

The computer is a Compaq running Windows Vista.

Help! Please!


You should find the shortcut for it and copy it to her desktop within her profile (C:\Users<username>\Desktop). She should be able to run it from there.

In the start menu, use the search function to find either the .exe file or the shortcut. Copy it to her desktop.

Usually when you install, the installation wizard asks if you want this software to be available to just you or everyone. Maybe you (like I do) just skipped through the install wizard, just accepting the defaults. You might try reinstalling it, or logging in as her and installing it again.

Or, if you know how, logging in as an administrator and installing it (again, telling the installation routine that you want the software available to all users).

Thanks to all of you. It worked beautifully.