Shark steaks...baked?

Recently, like 5 minutes ago, I purchased some shark steaks at my local grocer.
Now, I love seafood, and have eaten shark before at family memeber’s houses (my cousins in NJ) but how do I cook it?
what’s the best way? and if possible, hurry, cause it’s kinda thawing out now…heh


When thawed, marinate it -if only briefly, and grill, broil or pan-sear. A good marinade is soy sauce and a can of crushed pineapple, possibly with a little olive oil. If you don’t have pineapple, some lemon, lime, or any citrus juice is a good idea. Shark can have a kinda tough texture if you don’t use an acid in a marinade to do a preliminary break down of some of the cells. White wine or pickle juice if you don’t have pineapple or citrus. Butter if you don’t have olive oil. Maybe some red chile or a little garlic in the marinade. Shark takes additions of flavor well. If you are of a mind to grill, grill hot and keep an eye on the shark. If you don’t have a grill but like the little lines that get branded into grilled food, heat up your oven hot, put a big shallow or flat pan on the bottom shelf and plop the marinated shark straight onto the top shelf. Flip the shark as you would on a grill.

There are other things you can do with shark – marinate in coconut milk and Thai spices, for example, but that’s for a very specific flavor mood. Shark can be used in shish kebabs. It also makes pretty good Baja style fish tacos.


Hmm, I haven’t had shark steaks in years. That sounds really good.

well, Mrs. Hatter put it in a dish with some butter, salt, pepper, and light garlic…so far.

and it turned out great…glad I asked though…now I will know for future reference

Damn, now I’m hungry. I love me some mako shark steaks, marinated in Italian dressing.

Italian sounds good…

I’m thinkin I’ll have to make me a trip out to the store when I get home from work in the A.M. as I ate all my shark :frowning:

runs and hides

Next time pop it in oven (in foil) with a dash of olive oil, some spring-onions (shallots), crushed garlic, a sprinkling of coriander (cilantro) and a bit of lemon-zest or lemongrass.

Or just chuck it in a good beer-batter and deep fry it. It’s called FLAKE here in Aus, and is the favourite fish for fish and chips from the local takeaway.

Ha! :smiley:

Sounds good.

Seems like you should trust Mrs. Hatter more often. :wally

So you guys don’t worry about…how shall I phrase this…a circular food chain?