Shark Tank - is it a clone of the British show Dragons Den?

I’m watching Shark Tank now. Seems very much like Dragons Den. Did they rip it off?

Is it as good? Dragons Den has been a favorite of mine for several years.

Let me guess; just like there’s no actual sharks in Shark Tank, in Dragon’s Den there aren’t any actual dragons.

Nope. Just hungry investors waiting to devour anyone with a great business idea. :wink:

Well, it’s a rip off the same way “The Office” is. The show was cloned in Canada first and seems to be popular enough here. I guess the name “Dragon’s Den” didn’t do it for American producers, even though it makes way more sense than Shark Tank. Two of the investors on the show (Kevin O’Leary and Robert Herjavec) came straight from the Canadian version.

Note that the show originated in Japan, where it was called Money Tigers, and then “ripped off” in the UK and then other countries.

I have watched a time or two, but I was just stunned when the woman “Shark”, who’s name I don’t know, just said she has a 5 year-old child.

This lady looks to easily be in her late 50’s, if not older, but I guess when you are well-off, there are ways to get around ol’ Mother Nature.

I was curious about this, so did some quick research…It’s both worse, and also not as bad as you thought.

Just did some research…according to Wikipedia, she’s about 63 years old. And according to this article, she also has two kids: one 15, the other 5. The first was the result of vitro fertilization treatments, but the second was adopted.

This is all academic, as obviously this matter is none of my concern but as a child of adoption, whose parents were also older when they snagged me, (Dad was 44, Mom was 42) I guess I can see both the good and certainly the not-so-good aspects about a 58 year-old woman adopting.

One thing about it though, apparently Barbara is very wealthy, so her kids are going to be financially taken care of if something happens to her.