Shave with Mouthwash?

To simplify life. People used to just use soap to shave. I still do mostly.

A popular brand of ibuprofen in Australia recently came out with packaging that said “Back pain” or “Headaches”. I suppose they figured people with back pain or a headache would buy it since it was more specific and presumably more effective than ordinary ibuprofen sold by competitors. But it was just plain ol’ ibuprofen. The manufacturer got fined $6M dollars for engaging in misleading and deceptive conduct.

I hope the point I’m making is clear.

I think the issue there was that they were selling the “targeted” product at a price premium compared to their own identical but non targeted product. So people were buying headache specific Nurofen at a higher price than they could get standard Nurofen because it was advertised as being specifically for headaches when it was the same product, chemically.

Your point remains of course. Advertising works.

Pricing was certainly part of it but I don’t know enough about the case to say whether it was a critical part of the ACCC’s case.

Advertising works but my point more specifically is that there is a buck to be made by implying consumers need a specific product, even when that product isn’t actually significantly different to or better than existing (and probably cheaper) products.

My point was they were “competing” with their own product, not a competitors.

Nurofen settles $3.5 million class action: Australian Consumer Law Update | Newcastle & Sydney | Butlers News.

“The retail price of the Nurofen Specific Pain Products was significantly higher than that of other comparable analgesic products which also act as general pain relievers. Price sampling conducted by the ACCC before the proceedings were commenced indicated that the Nurofen Specific Pain products were being sold at retail prices almost double that of Nurofen’s standard ibuprofen products and the general pain relief products of its competitors.”

My emphasis. It appears to have been both.

True. I think it may have been easier to defend if it was only more expensive than their competitors.