Shaving can hurt!

I can’t seem to sleep (as usual) so I figure I’ll post this thread.

I went a week without shaving, but, my damn chin hairs came in all white. Grrr! I’m only 37! Hell, wasn’t Harrison Ford that age while starting to film the first Indiana Jones?

So I start shaving, and the cheeks and neck are ok. Then I get to the damn white covered chin. Holeeeey-Moleeeeey! That was painful as hell.

Then I still had the moustache. I started thinking “maybe mustaches are coming back into style…” But then I looked at myself, and it looked bad.

I lathered up my lip, then shakily got to work removing the hair.

Not quite as bad as the chin, but still painful.

Never will I grow a beard again! Never!

Use trimmers next time to get rid of most of the heaviest foilage first, then use the razor. As far as the white hair goes welcome to the club.

<clinton> I feel your pain </clinton>

The horrifically comical thing about this is you were probably like me when you were a preteen - couldn’t wait to start shaving. Right?

Now it’s a drudgery. I can’t seem to figure out how not to get a little razor burn whenever I shave. On a similar note, I want to grow out a bit of a beard - give my face some time to heal - but for the life of me after about three days my face is so itchy I buckle and HAVE to shave.

I used to lather up with soap, then use a flat Lego piece to “shave” when I was a kid.

Now shaving is a P.I.A.

Growing a beard is simpler. I just shave my cheeks and lower parts of my neck every week or so. I trim the beard and mustache length every month or so.

It’s not really for me anymore. I enjoy it. But I have to do it once a day, and with the right tools. Otherwise it’s a total face fuck.

Shaving in the shower helps for me - at the end of a good hot shower, when the bristles are well softened.