She got in!

My daughter received her acceptance letter from Worchester Polytech the other day. She has been looking forward to this for the last three years at least, and has been planning her courses accordingly. She is one of those people who, when they find something they want, latch on tooth and claw, and you can not dissuade her.

Now, the big challenge is to figure out how to pay for it. I have only been working steadily for the last eight months, after having been laid-off in 2001, and am making less than half what I had been. Consequently we are in a bit more debt than I would like, and money that would have been available got used for other necessities.

She is probably in a good position to get a fair amount of financial aid, and she is applying for any she can find. Being a minority, and a female will both be to her advantage in this, we hope.

That’s awesome!

Wish her congratulations for me!!!

I’m 2 weeks away from sending in my grad school applications so I am already feeling the apprehension of waiting.

That’s so cool. I’m sure she’ll be able to get financial aid and possibly some grants. There are a lot of scholarship websites around as well (sorry no cites at this time) and those might be worth sending in for as well.

Very cool. :smiley:

Scholarship or no scholarship, it’s “Worcester”, not “Worchester”!

Congrats! My uncle and my cousin both went to WPI and loved it.


Does Woopie Tech have rolling admissions, or was this an early admissions thing? My daughter just got into Purdue under a rolling applications deal. I wish I had those when I was applying, it takes so much stress off waiting for the last ones.