She just lies there

This thread would count as Recreational Outrage and be Pit-worthy, except RO almost describes the crime more than the reaction to it.

*"Hamilton County law enforcement officials knew that David Steffen killed 19-year-old Karen Range in 1982 but he insisted for 26 years he never raped the teen.

Prosecutors won murder and rape convictions against Steffen to send him to death row – the first Hamilton County inmate to receive a death sentence after it was reinstated in Ohio.

Now, authorities have the man they believe responsible for the sexual attack.

A grand jury indicted a former Hamilton County Coroner Office’s employee Monday for having sex with the teen’s body in the morgue."*

The alleged culprit has reportedly admitted pursuing this, um, activity on several other occasions. Law enforcement officials will now be reviewing DNA evidence from a bunch of other homicide cases.

This is actually the second time in recent years that someone has been prosecuted for gross abuse of a corpse* in the Hamilton County Coroner’s Office. There was a guy who hung around the place taking unauthorized “art” photos of posed dead bodies.

A previous Hamilton County coroner got in trouble for taking corneas from bodies and selling them without relatives’ permission.

What a great place to work.

Sometimes (well, whenever I think of it), I’m glad I didn’t go into forensic pathology. There are very good people who do this necessary work. But it does attract its share of showboats, loons and pervs. When one of these scandals breaks, it must be hard to do your job while wearing a bag over your head.
*are there lesser degrees of abuse?