"She lost the color war" - what does this mean?

I’m reading Joseph Heller’s Something Happened (it’s pretty mediocre. I can’t really recommend it). At one point, a bit more than halfway through, the narrator’s daughter is enrolled in a summer camp and she begs her father to bring her home because she says she’s miserable; however, when the father visits the camp and asks her if she wants to go home with him, she refuses.

Bolding mine; the rest included for context.

So what does the phrase “lost the color war” mean? I don’t think I’ve ever heard it before. The book was written in the 60s, if that helps.

It’s an traditional summer camp competition. Kids in the camps were organized into teams by color and competed in various ways. Sometimes it was Olympic-style events; others were pretend “war games” like Capture the Flag. The team with the best record won.

Evidently, they’re still being used.

:smack: I thought it was some deep statement about the way her life was going. :rolleyes:

Thanks, Reality.

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This was all displayed in the gripping 1985 made-for-TV movie Poison Ivy starring Michael J. Fox.

Yes, but they learn levitation, which I bet isn’t taught at just any camp, and we’re not talking about that “stand on your tiptoe at just the right angle” variety. These kids float!

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Color War was the funnest part of summer camp. Every summer on a surprise date, all the kids in the camp would be divided into two teams: blue and white. Then we would compete in all sorts of athletic and artistic events. My favorite was the Rope Burn, in which two ropes were suspended horizontally about 20 feet up in the air, and each team had to build a bigass bonfire. The team that built their fire the fastest and burned through their rope first won.

There was also the Apache Relay, which was a relay race comprising a couple hundred different events. Like, take a canoe from here to there, then the next guy swims back, then the next guy saws a piece of wood in half, then the next guy dribbles a soccer ball a certain distance, etc.

Man, that was fun. I miss camp. :frowning: