She Spies Season 2 - DOA

She Spies is a favorite guilty pleasure of mine and a bunch of others here. Loved the fun and self-referential silliness.

Well. I finally caught an episode of season 2. It’s syndicated, true, but I had this strange idea that it might be shown during, you known, prime time or something. Nope. Turns out that it’s on at 6 pm on Sunday. I’m sure that will goose the ratings.

Anyway, the rumors were true. They’ve taken all the fun and silliness out and put into place a serious shows about spies. Dull as dishwater spies.

So it’s now about the 53rd most interesting show about cops/detectives/spies/military types/streetwise do-gooders on television.

Too bad. She Spies R.I.P.