shelf life of a SDMB poster

On OpalCat’s Teeming Millions home page I noticed that the list of regulars includes lots of folks who don’t seem to be here anymore - and some who post infrequently (as I do). I’ve lurked here long enough to have see an exodus over the Melin thing; but minor tornadoes aside, what is the average shelf life of a SDMB poster? Is it typical of message boards? Or do other boards tend to have a faster or slower turn-over rate?

I presume trolls & pathological flamers flit from board to board as members tire of their schtick, but what about the “normal” folks?

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My life before SDMB –

Arrive at work.
Read my e-mail.
Read a couple of online political columns.
Get down to work.

My life after SDMB –

Arrive at work.
Read my e-mail.
Log on to the SDMB.
Read the GQ.
Reply to a couple of threads.
Reply to a couple of threads.
Check if anyone replied to my replies.
Go to lunch.
Try to get caught up in the afternoon, but still check a couple of times for new posts.

It happens to be a slow time around here so I can get away with this for now. But as soon as we get back to real work I won’t be able to keep up and will have to drop out.


“non sunt multiplicanda entia praeter necessitatem”
– William of Ockham

I registered on May 26th and promptly convinced Diane that I was a moron. Since then, I’ve been able to convince many others that I am a moron.

Before that, my online time was mostly spent browsing eBay, Amazon, and Popula for things to buy. (I love to buy things… I’m a buyer)

If I wasn’t shopping, I was looking at for houses. Not to buy, sadly… just to look.

Since I registered, my time spent online generally goes as such:

Sign on. Hear Austin Powers say “You’ve got mail, baby, yeah!” Check mail. Read mail. Reply, forward, store or delete mail. Go to favourite places. Click on Straight Dope. Wait for page to load. Go straight to MPSIMS. Read, reply, read, reply… go to BBQ. Read, laugh, read, laugh, read, reply. Go to Great Debates, generally never reply, but read anyway. Recheck BBQ and MPSIMS for replies to my replies. Skim GQ, realise that I’m not near smart enough to reply, close SD. Sign off. Sign back on after about three hours. Repeat.

I’m four months old and still good.

Veni, Vidi, Visa … I came, I saw, I bought.

Some of the people posted on Opal (I bow before her majesty) board have changed their names. I used to be Judyism 458, then I was jmlorraine and now I dont know who the heck I am.

I’ve noticed alot of really loyal people here, and they seem to stay dedicated for much longer than any other board I’ve looked at. I’ve been an addict since March and show no signs of slowing down. Unlike many I’m not a procrastinate at work poster, I’m a procrastiante at home up all night, when I should be looking for a job and sending out resumes.

Pluto: I was relieved from having your routine.They Block this site at my work. I have found 2 boards they do not block.

Sunbear, doesn’t that qualify under the Geneva Convention for cruel and unusual punishment or something?

Most people know my work story around here but I’ll give you the rundown:

  1. Arrive at work. Turn on computer
  2. Read every single post in MPSIMS and reply as appropriate.
  3. Go to lunch.
  4. Flit into GQ and the Pit. Read, maybe reply.
  5. Check MPSIMS to see if anyone replied to me and then read the new ones.
  6. Go home.

I was/have been literally getting paid by the last two companies to surf all day. However, on MOnday, new job!! Hooray! Posting at lunch only, would be my guess.

Man, we’re gonna miss you, BG!

How soon before you can start screwing off on the new job as much as me and pluto and Chris?


Couple of years for me (I posted under Kitten8808 on AOL).

A lot of the people you see on the home page post on the usenet board, others seed to have fallen off the face of the earth when they shut down the AOL site, and I suspect that others changed their screen name and are posting in cognito.

BTW Chris - I only though you were a moron for a few minutes :slight_smile:


Coarse and violent nudity. Occasional language.

I check in two, three, four times a day.
Been doing it since reporting aboard.

Your tax dollars hard at work!

I’m not screwing off at work!! Like Omni, I’m screwing off at home. The place is a mess, but I’m keeping up on all my topics of interest, so at least I’m getting something accomplished, right?

BTW, Diane… thanks. I only thought you were a bitch for a few minutes :wink:

Veni, Vidi, Visa … I came, I saw, I bought.

TOUCHE’ :slight_smile:

I’m hopelessly addicted:
Get up, make tea, read morning paper. Take the tea tray back, start up computer and enter check email, then it’s off to the straight dope board. I should be cleaning my office which is a disaster, but, it doesn’t get done. Sometimes I’m still on the computer when my mate gets home from a hard day at work. I work evenings so I’m usually here during the day or very late in the evening. I’m so hooked its shocking. I think I might need help.

I have two questions:


What is the Melin thing?
Is OldBroad still around?

  1. Do a search on that user name, or Ed Zotti’s. This is one topic that really does not need a bump.

  2. Yes: see Why don’t more homes have trash compactors? You will find that clicking “profile” under a post tells you – amongst other things – a person’s last post.

I need more specifics. A ‘Melin’ Search gives me 809 results, and I can’t read all of those.

I haven’t been around as long as some of the other “regs”, but my posting style is anything but consistent. When I first joined the board, I read and read and read and read to figure out what the hell everyone was talking about. I was also busy during that time catching up on all the archives, since I got reffered to the MB by a “real Doper”, i.e., someone who had actually read the books first. :wink: Anyway, i began to post and, once I felt a part of the community set off on a wildfire of multi-forum, bulk posting. I was on the board 20 hours a day, if not in #straightdope. Usually both at the same time. That lasted, probably 6 months, after which my posting/reading slowed down a lot. That may have also coincided with the summer and finding psycat here at the Dope. Since she’s moved out here, we are busy a lot of the time doing family stuff or just hanging out together and neither of us posts much anymore, although we both check the SDMB daily and go into chat on a regular basis.

I’ve been around long enough to be a regular, but I don’t post that often – only in MPSIMS, and only if I’m interested in the thread.

This is actually my first post since Opalcat told me she’d spit in my face if she ever met me. I wanted to point out that it’s not always external influences that prevent people from posting.

I’ve basically become a lurker again, because one of the cool kid’s was mean to me. The SDMB is a lot like High School that way.

She was a mod, she stopped being a mod, she still had access to a mod-only board after not being a mod anymore, she checked it and posted info from it, another mod called her behavior into question, she wigged out because she thought they might take her law liscence away and threatened legal action. Ed Zotti banned her.

Signal huge debate about SDMB = Big Brother, requisite “Is this 1984?” questions, posters threaten to leave, some do. Mods say we operate at a loss and cannot afford lawsuit. More posters get mad and threaten to leave, some do.

Case closed.

There was a thread in the Pit last fall (and one in IMHO too, I think) about this sort of stuff - SD’s Greatest Links. Search for Ed Zotti to know more about Melingate and MrBlue92 (I think those are his numbers, try just MrBlue) because I’m pretty sure he started the threads about remembering all this stuff. If I’m wrong, apologies to MrBlue.

What can I say? I’m good.