Shell life of powdered milk

Sorry to jump on the honey and peanut butter bandwagon but I recently discovered some powdered milk I bought in 2006 or so.

There’s four sealed paper packets which are supposed to make a quart of milk when mixed with water.

There’s a “best by” label of 2007.

Is it safe to use this stuff or should I chuck it?


“Best by” date is 18 months from packaging. Shelf life is 30 months past that. So 48 months. Cite.

Don’t know what the “shell life” of it would be. Perhaps a marine biologist could answer that.

It is now well past the useful life listed on packaging. Anything of that age is tossed out at my house.

It may not cause any ill effects but likely to taste abnormally, but why take a chance?

If the milk has a yellowish tint to it it’s bad. Frozen non-fat milk will last for many years. If you by chance get regular dried milk (most powdered milk is non-fat) it last much less longer, due to the fat content in it.

The Saco Foods website says their powdered non-fat milk will retain all the flavour and quality and vitamins for two years if unopened. It says vitamin quality will start to decline after three months if opened but the milk itself will be otherwise good, once opened for up to nine months.