She'll never leave the house again!

This could be a godsend to some women, but if you think a cell phone was a distraction while driving, just try this little gem!


giggle giggle

starts singing

He’s the one they call Dr. FeelGood… :smiley:

Well, I know I wouldn’t! At least for awhile. :wink:

Heyyyyyyyyy! Arden honey! How YOU doin’? :slight_smile:

Hmmm…i’ll have to pick me up one of those

At the bottom of the article it says that it may work the same for men.

Say goodbye to civilization.

I’m in.

Do they have a layaway plan?


[sub]Yes, I meant to say that.[/sub]

Would I want this ? Yesssssss oh yes baby. Yes, yes yessssssssssssss. er, I mean yes I am willing to undergo the surgery for medical science.

I humbly offer my services as a guinea pig.
[sub]Now will somebody please help me get that song “She Blinded Me With Science” out of my head?[/sub]

Hey ya, Flyboy! How YOU doing? :wink:

Oh, for God’s sake. Am I the only one here who likes even just the idea of hot, sweaty, physical, flesh on flesh SEX more than just the orgasm?

Aren’t we plugged into too many machines as it is?

Nope I’ll do some mod butt kissin’ and say you ain’t the only one that loves the good ol’ lovin’ that people give to each other. I couldn’t imagine a world without sex but I could without and orgasm the latter just isn’t as important to me. I absolutely love the quality “get freaky” with my girlfriend time and nothing will change that!

If they make one of these for guys, society will come to screaching halt.