Shelters of Stone

Book 5 is finally coming out tomorrow, 4/30…after 12 years since book 4. Anybody else pumped?

I’m a little nervous that after this long wait the fans will have impossibly high expectations, but I read a fairly favorable review in my Sunday paper this weekend, so here’s hoping…

I’m not pumped. I will read it out of curiosity, but nothing else.

The long wait did not fill me with anticipation; it filled me with hope . . . hope that Auel would die before getting around to writing any more books. Clan of the Cave Bear was a very good book. Each following book was another step towards frightfully bad.

In this book, I expect that Ayla will invent the French tickler and sub-orbital space flight.

I was really excited about it coming out…six years ago. At this point, it’s been so long since I read the first four books that I don’t have clear memories of them.

Either I entered a wormhole and today is really tomorrow, or my Wal-Mart got a preemptive shipment and went ahead and put the book on the shelves.

IOW, I just bought a copy today.

I will be reading it when I do my 4am-4pm shift tonight!

Waitaminute. Book five? I thought this was the fourth one.

Clan of the Cave Bear, Valley of the Horses, Mammoth Hunters. What was the fourth one?

The fifth one is Plains of Passage SuperLorie.
That one covers Ayla and Jondolar’s journey back to Zelandonia.


Ohh…Thanks AquaPura!

My mom’s friend calls it the Plains of Passion. ::giggle::

Yes, the sex scenes get a little repetitive after awhile…don’t they at one point invent 69?

Anyway, I’m looking forward to it. I am a little ticked at the wait, but still…

I read it a couple of months ago. Picked myself up a copy at the ALA MidWinter Meeting in New Orleans.

Got an advance copy free by buying anything at all at the Random House booth. Sometimes I love being a vendor, I spend so much time on the exhibits floor, I get to check out all the cool deals.

It was great fun to read, sex scenes not too frequent this time.
Valley of Horses is probably still my fave, though.

I read it prominently in public places and had several people ask me where I got it. I’m so evil!

If anyone WANTS spoilers, let me know. :smiley:

Ayla just invented capri pants!

My Fantastic Ayla Inventions bets were on agriculture, antibotics, moveable type, frozen yogurt and the catalytic converter. But I’m sure whatever Jean came up with will be <i>much</i> better than that.

All I can say is, if we had to wait twelve years, it had damned well better be good. Great even. I suppose I should go back now and re-read the first four, skipping over the sex scenes, as is my custom.

Oh yes, and I was able to fill in some of that twelve year wait with fanfic. I remember a really good one about a little girl with blond hair running into Baby the lion. I will dig up the link if anyone is interested.