Sheryl Crow: "Rock Star Girlfriend"

Why is it that sports writers, all of them apparently, are unable to write a sentence that contains the name “Sheryl Corw” without including the phrase “his rock star girlfriend”? Can they think of no other description to apply to Ms. Crow? Are they total cretins?

How does one get a sports writer gig, anyway? Is the pay so poor that no one with any writing talent will take it?


Hey, everybody knows that rock star girlfriends are impossibly hot, and one of the highest rewards for reward for male accomplishment, a clear step above the Supermodel girlfriend.


Do articles about Ms. Crow not refer to her “bicycle-riding boyfriend”?

There are some very talented sports writers out there. But it’s not like they’re all talented. :stuck_out_tongue:

As to how… if I end up with a sports writing gig, it’ll be because I spent hours attending and writing up Little League baseball games without being asked to do anything more than go to one game.

You’ve hit on it right there, I think. Although I think they’d refer to him as "Lance Armstrong, seven time winner of the Tour de France.

They’re going to lowest possible common denominator, so for the sake of the 2 people so obsessed with cycling they who don’t know who Sheryl Crow is they have to indicate why she’s a celebrity in her own right.

I think that it just shows a shameful lack of knowledge to imply that Sheryl Crow rocks at all.

hey Hey HEY HEY Lay off my Sheryl Crow!

Only if she lays off the GnR covers.

Simple politeness. After all, “rock star” is much nicer than “has-been.”

I know a LOT of pro musicians - touring, session players, with record deals, producers, etc., across a lot of genres - and they ALL have a lot of respect for Sheryl Crow. Great songwriter, producer, performer.

I happen to agree with them. YMMV.

Only if Lance will.

Well, they could refer to Sheryl as “the little homewrecker” since Lance dumped the mother of his three children for his “rock star girlfriend”, IIRC.

A-fucking-men. I’ve been a Sheryl Crow fan since Tuesday Night Music Club. I love her.

Actually, he and his wife split before he met Sheryl.

This is just like when Tommy Lee is mentioned in the press, mainly due to his behavior with Heather Locklear or Pamela Anderson. He’s always “Rocker Tommy Lee,” like that’s his full name.

She can only improve them.