"Shia not shy", or, "LeBeouf in le buff": Shia LeBeouf goes Full Monty in godawful Sigur Rós video

More MPTIMS, but, since it’s Shia and Sigur Rós I’ll put it here. You can find plenty of articles about it, but title says it all really: for some reason Shia LeBeouf decided to go full monty in an incredibly pretentious Sigur Rós video that has so many arthouse film cliches it’s almost like a parody. No lyrics or dialogue, and you can watch it all at this Not Safe For Work (obviously) link.

Shia- you’re a young star who’s done some A-list stuff, and you decide to show the package in a low budget video that’s available for free instead of in some nice romantic comedy that would pay you $8 million+? And I know, you can say “But Sigur Rós video is art”, but, ummm, yeah. What’s gonna happen is that millions of your fans are going to watch it, say “WTF was that?” and then make screencaps of your junk that will be on the net forever and always.

Oh well. What thinkest thou of the video or anything related? And is it me or does the piano peace seem like a suicidally slow mashup of Nearer My God to Thee and that Vangelis wine commercial (Opera Sauvage)?

Jesus, 8 and a half minutes? I dunno if he’s worth that. (he’s not worth that. I don’t really ever want to see Louis Stevens naked.)

Actually, the nudity seems to all be in the first minute. And considering that Shia LeBeouf is (I thought at least) something of a sex symbol or romantic lead, it’s amazingly unerotic.

The “nudity” is not full Monty by any means, it’s an obscured side shot that lasts for about 1/20th of second. It’s not just unerotic it’s practically non-existent.

Is it godawful because it is incredibly pretentious, or is it godawful because Shia LeBoeuf is in it?

And am I talking about this video, or about Indiana Jones 4, Tranformers, etc.?

It’s not THAT terrible. Somewhat mesmerizing, for the first 3 minutes anyway. That’s as far as I got.

Yeah, for some reason I wasted a couple minutes of my life out of vague curiosity and when I hit pause at the right time . . . it was a dude in profile with his hand obscuring any possible sight of his private parts.

Even if I were attracted to Shia LaBoeuf I can’t imagine this would’ve seemed relevant to me.

There’s at least one scene in which his hand is nowhere near his junk and, though it is from the side, nothing’s obscuring it. While admittedly unenticing and unimpressive, it’s totally unobstructed, and while brief it’s on for enough time to get stills, which is in fact exactly what makes the entire thing a bit odd to me,

This reminds me a bit of when James Franco joined that soap opera a couple of years ago in terms of odd choices from stars who can earn millions.

You are probably talking about his recent gig on General Hospital - a nice evil role - and he follows in good footsteps; Elizabeth Taylor also did a stint on General Hospital “just because”.

As far as this video - for whatever reason my sound didn’t work, but I don’t think I was missing much. Watched the first 2 minutes. Pretentious art that probably seemed like a good idea in the planning, but looks more like a senior portfolio piece by a student about to get his BA in Cinema. Yawn.

Then you didn’t hit pause at the right time. I’m now fully conversant on the visual state of Shia’s penis when flaccid. It’s not that interesting.

As opposed to all of those very interesting looking flaccid penises out there?

Michael Fassbender; very interesting.

Seems to be somehow an anti-drug message? Very artsy-fartsy.

I didn’t really notice a lot of cliches but the interpretive dance thing at the beginning is very off-putting.

The song doesn’t have much going for it without the band’s usual distinctive vocals and guitar sound.

5 bonus points for gratuitous use of octopus, though.

Stupefyingly pretentious video.

WTF was that?