Shin splints and flip flops

Has anyone ever had shin splints that were traced to wearing flip flops too much?

Whether or not… can anyone recommend a good flip flop with more support than the average?

Please… no flip flop hate…TIA !


The only thing you need to know

ETA, well shit. Google OOFOS. The best, the only

I don’t know about shin splints, but your average flip-flop definitely needs better support designed in.

I wear Vionic flip-flops, to help ease my plantar fasciitis. They’re specifically designed to have great firm arch support, and they don’t look too clunky or orthopedic. I wish they’d charge less, though.

I need good arch support, and I’ve come to love my OluKai flip flops.

I have the Ohana, which has a great footbed, though there’s also a model designed specifically to be orthopedic.

AFAICT, the orthopedic model looks just like the ostensibly non-orthopedic (but still highly supportive and comfortable) one.

My understanding of shin splint pain is that it’s primarily caused by poor gait and/or improper alignment of the hip/knee/ankle. Changes in footwear can help, but that’s sort of the “give a man a fish” approach (as opposed to teaching a man to fish). Strengthening the core and/or thigh can really help. As well as concentrating on your step, how your foot lands, and correcting over pronation.

Yes. And for me, the way that taught me how to do that was wearing good foot supports, which got my foot and gate into the right shape so that I started walking well even when barefoot.

Interesting because my gait is pretty messed up but it has been for about 60 years. I have always been barefoot at every opportunity and throw on flip flops when required. I’ve never had shin splints before.

Regarding my gait… the lower leg swings out rather than maintain a straight/forward alignment.

Also the problem is my right shin and I always wear out the right flip flop before the left. I actually wear a hole in that right heel.

For great support it’s hard to beat Chaco – worn by long distance hikers and also great for long periods of standing still, like a day at Disneyland.

I love my Vionic flip-flips. I hadn’t been able to wear flip-flops for ages before discovering these! I have some Chacos, and they’re ok, but the footbed support in Vionics is far superior. Closer to that of Birkenstocks, but without looking all hippie-ish.

Oh, and my two pair have lasted me nearly two years and look practically new. That makes up for the price.

I put 200+ miles a year on my flip flops including walks up to 5 miles. I pretty much wear them every day. The best I’ve found are the Sanuk beer cosy EAch pair lasts me 6-12 months and they feel like walking on clouds.

That being said I’m not prone to shin splints so I don’t know specifically if they would prevent them.

I’ve gotten them, but only when wearing flip flops for lots of walking for a long time. I tend to get flip flops that are more of a platform style with a thicker foam sole. It molds to my feet and provides more support.

Look at sandals and flip flops by Cushe. I’ve got 3 pairs and love them. I have a history of foot problems and my Cushe sandals are as supportive as my sneakers and more comfortable. They have some that are pretty flat flip-flops;I’ve never tried those - all mine are the molded footbeds.