ship high pitch noise

Recently went on cruise. What is the high pitch sound that ships make when leaving port and occasionally at sea? It was hard to listen to .

With that much detail in your description it could be anything from the main turbine to a cranky child. Other candidates include venting of the air handling system, active (possibly gyroscopic) stability control, or lateral thrusters.

Which ship?

Carnival triumph is the ship. It sounded more like a high pitch methodical fringing from front of boat. Thought maybe a auditory positional warning like a train horn.

A sound to keep birds off the ship while close to port?

It’s intended to shut off your higher brain functions so that you enter the appropriate trance state for the duration of the cruise.

I was on her sister ship, the Victory, about five years back on a Canadian cruise. I don’t recall any high-pitched sounds, but I am an old man and my hearing might not be all that sharp these days.

Bow thrusters?.. going in and leaving port they would be at least on stand by…

your hearing isn’t ship-shape?

What’s a “fringing”? Am I the only one imagining Gus Fring from “Breaking Bad” singing a high C note?

Maybe you’re referring to a bell of some kind?

Don’t they do that high pitched whistle sound as a form of communication between different parts of the ship? Such as when the captain gives commands to the engine room. The whistle being a sort of alert tone.

I don’t have a cite but I have heard this tone in films like “The Final Countdown”.

Ship high-pitched noise?

It’s easier to just email a .wav.

That’s the boatswain’s whistle. I thought of it too but the OP described is as methodical and that it was hard to listen to, any I wouldn’t imagine a bosun’s whistle being either.

Still, OP, was it anything like that video?

I was on the Carnival Magic recently. When in port, the thrusters were quite obvious. I didn’t so much notice a noise as much as a strong vibration throughout the ship. When we had a stateroom on Deck 1 Aft, the vibration was strong enough to shake glasses off the table. :eek:

Aside from the noise of things rattling though, I didn’t notice any high-pitched sounds.