Shipping a computer

What is the best way to pack a computer and monitor for shipping? I have long tossed out the boxes they came in. Just a big box full of styrofoam peanuts? Bubble wrap? Anyone have any experience here that will help me minimize chance of damage? It will be going either by bus or as freight on the flight I’m taking.

I’d use a couple of layers of bubble wrap in addition to foam peanuts. If you use foam peanuts only, the computer tends to “sink” towards the bottom of the box. You should pack the box tight to make sure the computer cannot move around inside the box. I’ve also found that crumpled newspapers are a decent substitute for foam peanuts.

If you know what you are doing, I’d take the cards out of the slots on the mobo and pack them seperatly in the box. Put them ESD bags and then surround them with bubble wrap as well. Then just toss them back in the case if you want.

When I moved from Montreal to Toronto I made an elaborate shipping container for my computer. It used cardboard bulkheads to exactly position it in the middle of the box. I figure it could have been dropped from 10 feet without hurting the machine.

However, in retrospect, I think I would have done just fine with several layers of bubble-wrap, inside a sturdy box (e.g. double-walled corrugated cardboard).

Bubble-wrap is useful – and fun, too!

I wouldn’t do that. Circuit boards are pretty tough and shouldn’t need to be protected separately. They are sensitive to static discharge, however, so you shouldn’t remove or handle them unless you really need to. But you might want to open the case after shipping to make sure no cards have come loose. I’ve had that happen once.

Just wrap everything with a couple things of bubblewrap, then fill the thing with densly packed stryofoam peanuts. Or get some stryofoam, and cut it out to fit around the computer.

Well, you didn’t say what kind of computer. I visit our local ice cream store, their cones are packed in a box that has very light weight sponge & I use that.

wrap it up in a heavy plastic bag, brace it in the center of a heavy cardboard box and then fill the box with spray in foam insulation from a home center.

Well, depending on who you ship with, I hear they might stack your stuff dozens of boxes deep. The idea is you want the packing materiel, not the contents themselves taking the load.
I often purchased from that auction site, and everything came bubblewrapped with 1" foam board on 6 sides. Now, honestly I thought that was overkill, but they probably got bulk rates on it or something. Plus I paid for the shipping, come to think of it. :-/
Well, hope that helps. :slight_smile:

Be sure to back up the contents of your hard drive, if there are any.