Shipping an antique washstand

Looking for advice for shipping an antique wash stand topped with marble. I know next to nothing about the piece, it’s age, anything; this piece is similar, but without the ‘backsplash’


How would one ship that from Chicago to California, keeping in mind it might be some rare thing. It probably isn’t, and I won’t part with it (it was my mum’s), but I want it safe on it’s journey.

Generically, you want this kind of thing:

Specifically, I might ask local antique dealers if they’ve used anybody that they can recommend.

But if you care about it … it probably should be custom packed in a custom crate made of wood.

Thanks for the ‘freight forwarder’ search term and link. I don’t know any reputable antique dealers. I agree, it should be on a skid, padded, with a box built around it. I’m just not sure how to contact a shipper that does those things in Chicago. Thanks for your response.

Check the UPS store for it’s crating services. They did a fantastic job on a tall dresser I shipped from Fla to Michigan. It was on a pallet with styrofoam blocks snug and secure and expertly wrapped. Not a ding or scratch. Only snag was I had to meet the truck at the entrance to my neighborhood where they off loaded it. We uncrated it in the street and slipped it into my suv to take home. The semi truck was too big to make it back to my house on narrow winding streets. I paid dearly but it was worth it.

That top needs to be removed and packaged separately from the base.

FWIW, Here’s the go-to service for arcade game shippers. They pick up as-is and blanket and shrink wrap the shipment for you:
NAVL, North American Van Lines / STI - Contact Michelle Bianchi (

Michelle Bianchi
Precision Transportation Inc
Toll Free 877-432-2646
Direct 630-352-3312
Fax 866-651-5919

The OP says their washstand doesn’t have the backspash, so perhaps it would safer to leave it in place, assuming of course that it’s attached well. I agree that putting it on a pallet, wrapping it well and strapping it down is the way to go.

Search for variations of ‘Chicago crating logistics (or shipping).’ There are a bunch.

Upthread someone suggested the UPS Store. They could probably do it as well, but they might be more expensive.

And actually, a moving company could make all the arrangements as well.

Excellent - I found a place with just that search term that’s near my brother’s house in the northwest burbs near ORD, and they also do freight forwarding.