Shirley King just booked time in my recording studio!

For those who don’t know, Shirley King is the daughter of blues legend BB King!

Apparently while recording her three previous albums she became tired of everyone telling her what to do. So, she’s looking for a quiet place to do her own thing. She will be recording her next release at Delta-9 Recording Studio.

Our first session is Saturday, July 27th.

Oh. My. God.


… I just hate to see threads with zero responses…

How does one go about learning all about the recording process? I know you can learn by experience but that could take years - did you take college classes or go to a music school? How did you end up doing what you are doing?

I do a bit of strictly amateur stuff, running sound board at the church and we are considering making a CD. I actually think we have most of the equipment (although not what I’d choose but they is always the case…) we just kind of need a kick in the pants to get started.

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