Shitty way to start the weekend..

After work on Friday, I went across the street to issue a last minute invite to a “Pampered Chef” party I got sucked into hosting for my best friend Ange.

As I leave the neighbors home, I step on a rotten board in their deck. It breaks. My left leg goes through the deck, and the momentum propels me forward. I grab for the railing.(blur a minute) I am then standing on the deck in incredible pain, but I dont want them to know I am hurt because I like the lady across the street, and she feels REALLY bad, I find myself comforting her, and then I go home, trying not to limp.

Well, it is Sat morning, the damn kids had me up at 8:20, and I have a multitude of injuries. There is a dark blue/black bruise on the inside of my left calf, just above my ancle (its the size of a mans hand), my right wrist is very tender(I must have hit it on the rail), my right bicep is sore and feels stretched, the side of my right breast is very tender, and all my muscles feel a bit twisted. In short, I feel like I had the crap beat outta me.

I havnt seen or heard from ‘B’ since Wed night and I was a tiny bit sharp with him…I was trying to watch something on tv, and he kept going in the kitchen and asking me questions quietly so I would have to ask him “what?” over and over…I think he thought it was funny…anyway, he asked me something,and I said very sharply "WHAT?? and he stopped. Anyway, his feathers might be a bit ruffled.

My friends that came over last weekend, the Mrs. who is very straight,and her husband, one of my close friends, and talking divorce…and I get to watch! :frowning:
So, I’m hanging out with them alot right now…too tense.

My dad is readly to strangle my stepmom too…she had surgery a while back,and dad says she is sucking it up for all she is worth. There isone MORE placeyou wont catch me…I HATE conflict.

On the up side, my house is spotless.

How much longer till Monday?

ps,the above is not * whining*…

I posted this story for the pure pleasure I am certain Satan will get from it…I will probably hear him laughing from here!
Anyone else having a shitty weekend so far?

Wow, Kelli, sorry to hear that. And I thought I needed a vacation. I don’t know how much free time you have this weekend, but if you can, try to take some time off to just calm your nerves. Take deep breaths, a hot bath, or just punch the crap out of something. If it’l help, you can flame me to take out your frustrations :slight_smile:

My weekends never start until Sunday or Monday (I work 12 hours Thursday through Saturday and every other Sunday) So I generally don’t get to have much of a weekend: All my friends work regular schedules so I only get to see them on those Sundays that I don’t work.

I’m posting this from work, so if I seem a little grouchy, that’s why. :frowning:

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

We’re pulling out today for more than a month. Won’t set foot on dry land until 29 Oct.

Kelli, you have my sympathy. Bummer!

One good thing, though.

What are the chances that you’ll have two crappy weekends in a row?

Next weekend will be great. The odds are with you.

Love ya.

Bummer,have you broke any mirrors lately?
I hope the rest of the weekend is better!
They say that into each life a little rain must fall,but why is it that I have to use water wings to keep afloat.
Hang in there.

t lion

Thanks guys, I am smiling now…its great to hear from all my favorite guys!

and Lion…its SOOOOOoooooo funny that you say that about the rain.

we got the tail end of 2 hurricanes/tropical storms stalled over my hometown all WEEK! it was nice out yesterday, and pisspouring rain again today.

Roads are washed out (Main st!!!) and people have been evacuated. The lake overflowed etc…they say its the wort flooding the city has seen in this century.


I am actually taking the kids to Angie’s for the evening (her husband works nights), and we rented "forces of nature’.So things are looking up. My mom got back today too -YAY!! :slight_smile:

I’m just PMS-ing and I am so sore/embarrassed about that lady’s deck.

You guys always cheer me up!
Eric,when you get your weekend, have a good one.
Scott, be careful.
Wallyhoney…love that logic!
Lion, go have a good weekend with the real Master of the jungle! :wink:

"Aint’cha gonna eat me Wolfie?

"Aint got the time, Grandma!"

I understand about the rain, lioness and I are in Houston Tx and have been thru a couple of hurricanes.
We only have two seasons here summer and monsoon!
Chear up,just remember that "the Big One " only lasted for 40 days.

t lion

My weekend sucks too. I work Fri, Sat, and Sun, so right there is a reason to think weekends suck. But I just woke up about half an hour ago and went into the bathroom to take a shower. There was blood smeared all around the floor near the cabinet. I flipped out and ran to examine all my cats. They were fine. Puzzled, I went back to get a closer look at the blood. I got down on my hands and knees and noticed that there is a small hole in the wall. Hmmm…sort of the place a rodent would hide…or a marsupial. I got this sinking feeling in my stomach, and went to check Daisy’s cage (my short tailed possum). Sure enough, she was gone. So now, as I write this, she is either dead or dying inside the walls of my apartment. I feel very guilty because I don’t know if she managed to get out on her own or if I forgot to seal up her cage the last time I fed her. I hope she is dead. I don’t like the idea of her suffering for long. I am also trying not to be mad at my cats. I know they don’t know any better and were just acting on instinct when they attacked her. Still, this whole thing sucks and now I have to finish getting ready for work.