Shocked by my taste in music.

Really shocked I mean. A while back I posted in this thread , about how I was prompted by an anonymous co-worker to get a set of earphones for listening to music at work.

All is great and happy, except that I’m getting shocked by the earphones! It doesn’t happen when I’m just sitting down, and it’s not much of a shock, but it’s in my ear!

I can recreate it at will, and I’m pretty sure that it’s a result of static buildup. It happens as follows:

  1. I grab the chair arms,
  2. Keep my feet on the floor,
  3. Raise my butt off the chair,
  4. Ouch!!

My question, this being GQ and all, is this caused by static electricity? Or is it possible there’s some sort of short in my laptop. For the record, my earphones are plugged to the earphone receptacle on my Dell laptop.

Are you using the laptop with the AC adapter plugged in or running off the battery?

Well, you could always get the earmuff type of headphones (since from your description it sounds like you’ve got the earbud type that sit inside the ear).

And in the hope that others can learn from my own mistakes, let me say that you should NEVER wipe dust off a CRT monitor screen with your hand while wearing earbuds. I used earphones on my computer’s CD-ROM drive during college to keep from annoying my roomate too much, and came across this do-it-yourself electro-convusive therapy :slight_smile:

It’s static. I have the same problem with mine, whenever I go to stand up with my headphones on. Hurts like hell, doesn’t it?

Plugged in, I haven’t tried it with just the battery.

Try it with just the battery. If you don’t get the shock, you’ve got a power supply isolation problem.