'Shocked' mini-doc on Trio

Did anyone see this half hour show on the Trio channel last week? It was a documentary about how the South Park guys were hired by Macromedia to create content for shockwave.com. It also covered the whole internet boom & bust of the late 90s/early 2000.

They told Matt & Trey they could do whatever they wanted so they created an X-rated web cartoon called ‘Princess’. It was seemingly about this cute little dog (named Princess) but actually it was about all the (adult) things she saw.

It was funny not only to see Matt & Trey talk about trying to make the most filthy thing they could, but also to see them talk about how stupid they thought the whole ‘Internet entertainment’ concept was (and to see how right they were).

Anyway, if you saw it and want to see the whole episodes of ‘Princess’ (there’s only two) you can view and/or download them from here…