SHOCKING!!!!! (Movie spoilers!)

You mean that guy who rode a pack of elephants across them mountains? Nope.

It’s actually about Mark Twain’s hometown.


Thank you. Yes, it was Cape Fear. I should have known, that movie was horrible too.

I’m not a good person when it comes to psylogical dramas.

Come into AuntiePam’s Wayback Machine for a minute.

Anyone old enough to remember “The Vikings”? Tony Curtis, Kirk Douglas, Janet Leigh, Ernest Borgnine. Kirk’s face gets mangled by Tony’s falcon, Ernie jumps into a pit full of wild animals, Janet is almost raped.

Tame by today’s standards, but pretty shocking back then, I thought.

Another wayback…

In The Days of Wine and Roses, there’s a scene where Jack Lemmon rips apart a greenhouse looking for a hidden bottle of booze. That scene really bothers me a lot because the character is so desperate and pathetic.