SHOCKING!!!!! (Movie spoilers!)


I recently saw “Hannibal” and was kind of shocked by the brainy bits at the end. How about it? What’s the last thing you saw in a film that really shocked you? I don’t mean surprised you, I mean the last thing that made you amazed that the film industry let it in or that the actor themself did it.


  1. The anal sex/butter thing in “Last Tango in Paris”
  2. Most of “The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover”

Please, next time, put the spoiler warning in the subject line.
Thank you.

Come on Soda, could I have been any more vague? I didn’t give anything away in my post about Hannibal, and the other two films listed were old and quite famous for their shocking content.

I’ll second “The Cook, the Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover”. That movie revolted me, and I don’t revolt easily.

Some others:

“The Elephant Man’s” face in the original David Lynch film. I was 10 at the time, and I don’t think I slept for a month after that.

Can’t think of any more. I don’t shock easily at the movies.
I had read the book “Hannibal”, and frankly was expecting the movie scene to be much more shocking.

Sure, you were vague, and it really doesn’t matter to me since I don’t really want to see Hannibal anyway (besides, most people know it’s kinda gross). I guess I just wanted to point out that no matter how little the spoiler is, put the warning in the subject line.
(I was hungry and needed to whine about something, sorry.)

the movie dogma was kind of twisted, i said a couple hail marys after watching that movie.

Mean, mean pride, indeed.

I reality the brainy bits have been in al the reviiews and summaries of thismovie, thus not making it a spoiler. If you go to see a movie called “Hannibal” you know there is going to be something regarding human parts in it.

Doesn’t anyone here read the book before seeing the movie?

I enjoyed reading Hannibal. Want to see how the movie version coped (kind of like listening to a cover of a classic song).

Spoilers? Pshaaww!

I have read the book, but I have not seen the movie (yet). I personally did not like the ending in the book, it seemed a little far fetched. I have been told it is different in the film, so I am interest to see if it is better or not.

I would be interested to know if the “brain thing” was actually possible.


I edited the title of this thread to include the words “Movie Spoilers”.


Really? I thought it was about that guy from the A-Team

I’ll second this. I saw The Elephant Man about a week ago for the first time and I gasped when Hopkins runs into the room with the screaming nurse and they show his face for the first time. And I never gasp at movies. Not even at Hannibal. I was expecting the Elephant Man’s features to be more like the movie *Mask[/i.

Is the M&Ms commercial with the tot scooping chocolate out the top of the M&M’s head a satire of this scene?

The Tin Drum. Eels.

Wife won’t even let me say “eels” around dinner time.

You’ll have to enlighten me on that one.

I also have a tough time with the scene in Boxing Helena where the truck runs over her legs. It was brief, but God it was horrible!

But describing it really will not carry the impact. The images:

Rotting horse head being used as bait for eels.
Head and squirming eels being dropped down on a dining room table.
Mother with obsessive need to ingest fish.
Additional seasoning provided by fisherman’s recollection that the eels ran best when the uboats were sinking British ships, since they had many corpses to feed upon.

Sometimes I need to forcibly repress this image when ordering sushi. (But I manage – mmmm, unagi)

From Silence of the Lambs, when Hannibal bites a chunk out of the woman’s cheek that he picked up in the bar. I still cringe when I think of it…and I probably won’t see Hannibel because of it.

The movie with Nick Nolte and Barbra Streisand (I don’t remember the name) there’s a brief scene, a flashback, where Nolte’s character is being raped by another man. Same with the rape scene in Showgirls (an otherwise forgettable movie), it was just horrifying.

The scene w/ the cheek biting is from Cape Fear(the remake).

The other movie is Prince of Tides.

Are you sure that’s Silence of the Lambs? I know that Hannibal attacked a nurse, but they never showed that, they showed a picture of it to Clarice, but never showed the audience the picture.