Shodan's Angels

One of the annoying things about thread closings is that one’s hijacks get shut down. Barely worth bringing this up really, but from here:

WTF makes you think I didn’t know where the quote was from? No doubt you arrived at that conclusion using the same “reasoning” that causes you to believe in sky pixies.

This will not end well.

Jesus loves you, Princhester.

Sorry, that was a jerkish thing to post like that. Ignore it please.

Sure. We all get our tenses mixed up. I didn’t think for a second you actually meant to use the present tense in relation to a guy who died 2000 years ago.

Didn’t start real well, either.

Well OK, but how do you know it isn’t going to be absolutely scintillating in the middle?

From your responses in that thread, it would’ve appeared you didn’t know where the quote was from. You just seemed intent on “popping Shodan’s balloon of smugness” by pointing out angels still don’t exist

So I guess Shakespeare is really the one who needed to grow up, since he was the one who referred to them originally.

Just so I got this right: quoting the Bible is pointless since it refers to a sky pixie, but now people can’t quote Shakespearean religious references without you crying “immature!” as well?
Or maybe I’m misreading your whine?

Oops, I thought this thread would, in some manner, include dialog about hot, crime fighting chicks. I sure as hell don’t want to talk about Jeebus or angels. I’ll move along…


As I understand it, Shakespeare was a playwright whose plays included, you know, like characters who are portrayed as having various beliefs and views. There is, as I understand it, no reason to believe that those beliefs and views were in fact those of Shakespeare. Indeed, since some of his characters espoused views contradicting the views of other of his characters, it would be pretty much impossible for him to believe everything his characters are portrayed as doing.

I have no idea whether Shakespeare believed in angels. Certainly, he appears to have portrayed Horatio as doing so. So perhaps Horatio should have grown up. I’m comfortable with that idea.

The reason you appear to think that I didn’t know where the quote was from is still obscure to me. Are you perhaps suggesting that Shodan chose the quote purely because it was from Shakespeare and the mention of angels (in the context of the celebration of the departure of famously atheist poster) was some sort of total co-incidence? And that I should have known that, and so my comment was a total non sequitur? Are you actually, seriously, with your bare face hanging out, suggesting that Shodan didn’t quote what he quoted precisely because it had religious overtones? Are you actually that naive? Or stupid?

badchad was banned?

Well, I guess it was a matter of time.

Not if you’re participating, it won’t.

Grow some skin, you fucking baby. If you’re that offended by a literary reference to angels in a thread title, you’ve got some serious issues.

I don’t know what Shodan’s beliefs are, but it’s actually irrelevant. It was a tongue-in-cheek reference, I imagine, celebrating the “demise” of an asshole whose one-trick schtick was fighting religious belief.

Suppose a one-trick asshole spent his entire existance on the board spouting off against witchcraft and stalking people who actually believe in it. Suppose he finally got banned for breaking the rules. I imagine, in a similar vein, Shodan, or somebody else, could start a thread entitled “Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead!” Now imagine I-- someone who doesn’t believe in witchcraft-- then came into the thread and sputtered “Even though he’s banned, there are still no fucking witches. Anyone over the age of five who would mention them in any serious context needs to grow up. Banning a person who gave you the shits by pointing this out hard long and loud isn’t going to make this any less true.”

I would look like a ridiculously thin-skinned & clueless douchebag who is so intolerant of other beliefs that I get my panties in a knot whenever someone even makes a tongue-in-cheek literary reference.

True enough, but if you keep up your present level of witty reparte one is not going to be able to read this thread without welding goggles.

Well that answered my question. You really are naive enough to think that it was intended to be a literary reference to any significant extent. Until you get over that particular point, I guess you are going to go on making the false assumption that I didn’t know that Shodan’s religious reference had a Shakespearean origin.

And another thing. Observe Talon Karrde’s first post in this thread, and their second in which they suggest that smug references to religious fictions showing compassion to their detractors is jerkish. Now compare and contrast to the thread title under discussion. Anything notable through the fog of naivety, Happy?

It *was * a literary referance. It was *intended * to be a witty insult, and IMHO it succeeded.

Frankly, **Shodan ** did **Badchad ** a favor in comparing him to Hamlet. He was actually more of an Iago crossed with a Caliban.

That’s all, huh? The bit about angels completely irrelevant?

Found any yet?

You know what? You’re right. Shodan was definitely proseletyzing because any Christian worth his or her weight in Lot’s wife knows that banned posters are immediately shuffled off to heaven by flights of angels. That’s what Christians believe, and that’s what they want you to believe too. It’s not just at death that angels come and get you. If badchad had actually died and Shodan made such a reference in a thread title, it would have been really obvious to everyone that he was proseletyzing; but only you, you sharp one, “got it” here as well. Well done!

Shodan most definitely wasn’t just being a smartass in light of badchad’s one and only schtick.

About what? Certainly not the drivel you typed subsequently, me not having said any of it. But please do fill me in on what I was right about.

No. He was. Why would you say otherwise? When someone’s being a smartass, giving them shit about it would be OK, wouldn’t it? And when they’re being a smartass by making a religious reference, taking a swipe at their religion would be pretty much understandable, no?