Shoe Bomber II: Electric Boogaloo?

Brits claim to have stopped plot to blow up transatlantic flights.

Not too many details yet, so I’m wondering how far along the plot was.

They’ve banned all liquids on all flights, and all hand luggage on US flights. Reports also say the plan was to blow up 3 transatlantic planes simultaneously, though others were saying “twenty” planes and “worse than 9/11”.

According to the news, it’s total chaos at all the airports. Glad I’m not flying any time soon.

Heathrow airport has been closed, the BBC and Sky News are reporting.

Heathrow shut down.

21 arrests in London & Thames Valley area.

A good day to say at home, I think.

Part of me hopes this isn’t just going to turn out to be one of those things where people are arrested left right and charlie for being shifty and olive-skinned, in a public place, or possession of a poorly-fitting jacket, or being frightened and running away from a loud mob of armed and/or non-uniformed men.

Part of me hopes that is exactly what’s happening (i.e. that the threat here was a false alarm, or was greatly exaggerated).

Most continental flights to England now cancelled.

I watched the news this morning - here’s my tuppence worth, and link to the BBC story
>The plot was to explode devices mid-flight carried onto planes bound for the US (in hand luggage.)

>They have 21 people in custody after 25 arrests in London and the West Midlands.

>The threat risk has been raised to its highest level ‘critical’ - this is in case there is some kind of sub-plot, and because there was a real risk.

>The Airports are open, but with severe delays as no hand baggage except essential items (travel documents, wallets, medication in solid form) in clear carrier bags are being allowed on board. This especially applies to any liquids at all - mothers with baby milk are expected to test it in front of security.

>Good work Scotland Yard and MI5, thank you very much.

BBC news link


Thirded, it’s nice to know that our tax money is being put to good use behind the scenes.

I’m on the flight path to Heathrow and there does seem to be a lot of jet traffic. Can’t tell if it’s military or civilian though.

I’m meant to be flying to Greece tomorrow morning, from Gatwick. I’m just glad it wasn’t today, as at least I now have time to reschedule my cab to the airport (an hour or two early but I foresee a lot of hanging around) and pack to take account of the no-hand-luggage rule.

Good work by the intelligence services, it seems. I’m in awe of how they manage to unearth these plots - I mean, if you were plotting something like this you’d be pretty careful to keep it quiet, right?

The US government has raised the airline threat level to the “highest level ever” according to a news source. United, AA, and Continental were targeted.

Gatwick shut down.

Thankfully, no. An awful lot of these nitwits like to blab, and sooner or later, the proper authorities hear about it.

I hope is all a false alarm. Even then we ought to praise the security services. Better ten false alarms than not acting even once.

How badly are non-UK related flights affected in the US? Is the no-hand-luggage rule being applied to domestic US flights too just in case? I’m flying into Washington DC next week, from Montreal. Hope things have calmed down a little by then.

Gotta say, though, I’m glad this is a foiled terror plot. sounds like it may have been a very big deal. Will these people ever get sick of wanting to blow shit up?

What about passengers who have liquid medications? I’m curious because my sister is an insulin-dependant diabetic, who uses an insulin pump. Basically, she has a vial of liquid on her person at all times. She doesn’t have to fly anywhere anytime soon, but if she had to fly to London (let’s say) how would they handle her medical needs?

After the last couple of times I’m going to wait for some evidence that there was a plot.

I was staying on the Heathrow area for the last big scare. The threat then was allegedly to planes from ground to air missiles. Tanks on the street etc. That all came to naught.

Lots of people have been taken in for questioning. Hopefully this time there’s more substance to the scare and the cops will get results from this one.