Shoe durability

I’ve been trying to discover how long the support in a pair of running/waling shoes is likely to last if you’re on your feet in them for about 40hrs a week. My girlfriend works at a shoe store and insists its 3 months (thus she needs to buy a new pair every three months), but as this figure was handed down by the shoe industry and it sounds like an awfully short time I hesitate to believe it. Can anyone give me a source that would speak of the durability of a shoes support? I’ve looked and can’t find anything.

As a park operations Supervisor in a small amusement park my shoes lasted just about the 3 months your G/f stated. I noticed that everything seemed much easier at work when I wore newer shoes. The feeling usually started to dissipate after 3-4 months.

Generally, the limit is about a maximum of 500 miles. For most people that is between 3 and 6 months. She’s not lying to you. The supports wear down and although they may still feel fine, if you put on a new pair of the same type of shoe, you’ll notice a difference.