shoe laces

I bought new shoes (Timberlake) the day after Thanksgiving. I put in the shoelaces, make sure they’re even on both sides. A week later, the lace on one shoe is longer on one side than the other. I fix the lace, and it happens again about 10 days later. This is a continuing pattern. The question is: why does this happen? Am I crazy?

  1. Your right and left hand don’t have equal strength and dexterity, you’re pulling one lace harder.

  2. Yes.

  1. What Padeye said. When you put your shoes on, you’re tightening the laces, and you’re unconsciously pulling one harder than the other, so after 10 days one lace is longer than the others.

  2. Well, I don’t think you’re crazy, FWIW. :slight_smile:

  3. We solve this problem with kindergarteners by buying them shoes with velcro fasteners. Is it time for you to check out the Lion King shoes down at Wal-Mart? :smiley:

I think we need more information to answer either question. My first thought was what Padeye said, but you said it happens on one shoe. My WAG is one lace has a nap and so it prefers to go in one direction. Try reversing the lace and if the other end gets longer, this will support my guess. To answer the second question, I’d need to know what the little voices in your head tell you?

The sad thing is my 5 year old ties her shoes better than me. Perhaps it’s because she can reach her feet easier than I can. Besides, I don’t want Lion King shoes - I want Batman shoes. I may be crazy, but I’m not that crazy! :smiley: