Shoes hanging from power lines

Here’s another answer to why you see sneakers hanging by their laces from power lines. I go to a huge college, and the accepted answer to this question is that a guy will throw his shoes over the lines when he has sex with a virgin. (there are LOTS of shoes up in this town)
So, regarding either drugs or sex, this issue is interesting.

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Why do you see pairs of shoes hanging by the laces from power lines? (02-Aug-1996)

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How about shoes hanging from trees? What would that mean?

In your case, kallyk25, and knowing college guys, I bet the answer is that they throw their shoes over a power line when they want their friends to think that they’ve had sex with a virgin.

Well, I don’t know about shoes, but when I was in the Army, we in the airborne units would throw our jump boots over a power line when our tour of duty ended. Usually we’d paint them bright orange the night before, so they would really stand out. Some of the more creative personel made little wings and glued them to the boots. Upset the post commander to no end. :slight_smile: