Shoes that light up

Okay, you know the shoes with lights in their heels.
How do they work? I have a theory, but folks tell me it’s nuts.

Ah, thanks for the reference. I did a search on the message boards but I guess I didn’t use the right combination of words.

So everyone who took the shoes apart found a battery of some sort. That was what I wondered.

Now I wonder how long the battery can last.

By the way, I understand from surfing other sites about this topic, that shoe manufacturers no longer use mercury switches.


I had a pair of those back when they were a new thing. The battery lasted at least until I grew out of them. I don’t know how long it was, but I would guess about six months. I imagine that it probably has something to with how many lights are being lit up (mine only had two little red bulbs in the sole of the). Some of hem are quite fancy and light in sequence. Those batteries probably don’t last as long.

Also, In the shoes I had, the battery was under the insole. If you pulled out the insole, you could see a little battery compartment and what looked like a regular AA battery. Kind of cool in the eyes of a ten year old, but it’s a good thing I didn’t try to mess around with it, becuase my shoes probably had the Mercury switch.:eek: