Shooting in Ashland, VA tonight(near Richmond); police not sure if it's the sniper


"Authorities shut down sections of Interstate 95 and Route 54 after a shooting in the Richmond suburb of Ashland, but it is unclear if this incident is linked to the series of sniper shootings that have killed nine people and wounded two others since October 2.

"Authorities said a person was shot at a Ponderosa Steak House restaurant in Ashland, about 90 miles south of Washington, D.C. A knowledgeable source told CNN the victim was a man, and that he was in “relatively stable condition” at a local hospital.

“The source said the man was shot in the parking lot of the restaurant, and there were no reports of an altercation before the shooting.”

Well, I live about 30 minutes to the south of Richmond in a pretty small and quiet community. I just moved into my first house and was planning on driving up toward that area today to do some shopping. I guess I still will, but I’ll be keeping an eye out for the infamous van.

 What's really strange is that one of my co-workers was just saying Friday that she thought the sniper might be moving down this way if things were getting too hot for him in Washington. I work on a military base and I'm sure people are going to be freaking out on Monday.