Shootings of Unpopular People and Gun Control Advocates

Okay, whenever some largely popular figure is shot/assassinated, there’s usually a large outcry from the gun control folks. Have there been similar outcries when someone disliked by large portions of society has gotten shot?

There is from me, no matter who gets shot, although I guess I don’t actually make a public outcry about it. What would count as an outcry for your purpose?

That’s one seriously ambiguous thread title you’ve got there.

Sounds like you’re trying to bait an answer here, Tuckerfan.

At any rate, there are two times when gun control advocates get the panties tied in a knot:

  1. When someone famous gets shot with a firearm.

  2. When an unusual crime is committed with a firearm (e.g. the recent mall shooting).

Say a protest and/or demonstrations in response.

Then to answer your question, no, I have never demonstrated against a shooting, of either a popular or unpopular person. Does that help your purpose?

Not trying to bait an answer, just curious, that’s all. It’s one of those things that strikes you as odd, that’s all. Like pro-lifers supporting the death penalty (and pro-choicers being opposed to it). Many of us are willing to give a pass to someone who kills a child molestor, and yet there are others who think that no one deserves a pass.

I seem to recall quite a bit of outcry when former Alabama Governor George Wallace and nudie mag publisher Larry Flynt were shot (in separate incidents). Wallace and Flynt weren’t exactly the most popular guys with the liberal types who usually push gun control legislation, but the hubbub occurred anyway.