Shore Leave??

Just got back from Shore Leave at the Hunt Valley Marriott Hotel. First con I’ve been to in nine years. Boy, did I have a good time!! I saw “Star Trek: First Contact” (those wacky Borg!); got to see Malachi Throne and William Windom; cruised a really awesome Dealers Room and bought a way cool East Indian silk skirt: and went to a Klingon Feast. I forgot how cool it was to do this stuff.

Anyhow… are any other Dopers going to Shore Leave this time around? Want to meet up and have lunch or something on Saturday?? I normally don’t post threads like this, but I just thought it might be fun for some of us to get together and enjoy the convention together. I’m going tomorrow, too.

Creaky B.

As a non-Trekie, would I enjoy a Convention? Is it as darn strange as I imagine it? Lots of costumes?

Is Trekkiesm dying out?

How about a link to Con schedules?

Paul, I think there’s enough other stuff going on at cons that you would certainly NOT be bored! At a big con like Shore Leave, there are costumes to look at movies and videos to watch (everything from “Buffy” to “Stargate”, “Battlestar Galactica” plus all the Trek stuff!). The dealers’ room is awesome, too. Lots of sci-fi/fantasy goodies for sale: clothing, bumperstickers, beautiful handmade clothing and jewelry, fan-written and published fiction (fanfic), weapons, costumes, you name it. They headline speakers are usually also pretty good at a con this size. Finally, going to a fan-run con like this one is truly the best of both worlds: it’s big enough so that there’s plenty for all sci-fi/fantasy tastes, but it’s less about the money and more about having a good time because the fans coordinate and plan it.

Bosda, I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to get you the schedule. I didn’t check my computer at all yesterday… I was at the con all day, dashed home quick to change for Masquerade, and back to the hotel. I live like 10 minutes from the Hunt Valley Marriott. Just now, I am waking up from a rather festive night at the Ten Forward bar event at the hotel. I hope that you were able to get the info you needed in time to go have fun at the con.

Maybe we can shoot for a get-together at farpoint this February!

Why not set up a get-together for a general science fiction con like Balticon or Capclave? Although I’ve gone to a few media cons, the stuff there really doesn’t interest me. A general science fiction con like Balticon or Capclave would presumably draw a larger group of Straight Dopers.